God save the psychology dept.

ok, so I took this survey thing- some chick was doing her college thesis and needed stats- and I must say, Psychologists ask some of the stupidest questions.

the beginning of the second section started with the question "How spiritual are you?", then had the fill in the bubble answers on a scale, ranging from "not spiritual" to "very spiritual."
What does that even mean? My first reaction was to bust out laughing. How spiritual...? I mean honestly, how do you answer that? 'yes, I regularly commune with my great aunt Gilbreth, who is now reincarnated as a cat"? "I speak in tongues"? or 'No, Ive never been to a seance, sorry.' Maybe its like the movie Ladyhawke (if you've never seen it, you're totally missing out);

Navaar: ... God
has brought me to you. you are meant to help me.
Phillipe: I talk to God all the time, and he never mentioned you.

Seriously though, how do you grade spirituality like that? This isn't like piano lessons, where you tell the teacher, "yes, I'm very motivated. I practice 8 times a week." It doesn't work that way. Heck, I talk to Yahweh off and on all day long, and I completely and honestly believe he answers back. Does that make me "spiritual"? I believe in spiritual warfare, fighting demons and being helped by angels. Does that make me very spiritual? Maybe if I throw in a holy relic, like the finger bone of St. John, I'll be super-duper spiritual.

The rest of the survey, was pretty much just as good. these are some of my favorites (answers were scaled, from 'strongly disagree' to 'strongly agree');

-My spiritual beliefs help me to be a better person.

-My spirituality is at the core of who I am. (this one actually makes sense, comparatively)

-My spirituality is my inner voice speaking to me.

-I believe God, Creator or Higher Power is present in my life. (this one was a good Q too. the P.C . thing is annoying, but to be expected)

-My spiritual beliefs are the foundation for my religious background. (I have no idea what this one even means)

-My spiritual beliefs make my life more meaningful. (better)

-I feel as if my life has a higher purpose. (kinda cheesy, but ok)

-My spiritual beliefs positively impact my health and well-being. (haha, yes, God regularly tells me to get off my butt and do something)

- My spiritual beliefs guide my relationships with other people.(Not bad actually. not a question I'd think of)

-I would feel lost without my spiritual beliefs directing my life. (interesting, but on target)

-I am a very spiritual person. (I will not reiterate, I will not reiterate...)

-I try to be a spiritual person. (??)

-My spirituality is my personal connection with God or a Higher Power. (a little backwards in my opinion. God is the connection to spirituality, not the other way around)

after that section they had a similar one on 'How religious you are.' Lord have mercy. Psychs, no offense, honest. But ya'll need some help.