Sunday, November 2, 2008

You got accepted to the college of your dreams!
The campus is beautiful, the residence halls are comfortable and lively; always something going on, something to do.
Classes are challenging, professors range from fantastic to drop-dead bizarre, and life continues in an array of trial and excitement… at least for a year.
Halfway into your third semester, you realize you are $10,000 away from finishing the year, let alone getting a degree.
The lenders will not accept you, the scholarships have all expired, and you find yourself grasping at straws, trying to find a way- any way- to finish what you started.
This is the story of hundreds of college students, including myself, who come from the lower end of the economic totem pole. College tuition and expense is a continuous and rising problem.
Did you know that since 1982, family expense on college has gone up by 439 percent? That is four times the increase in the Consumer Price Index, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Tuition itself has raised 5-7 percent every year for the last five years. And when you add room and board, daily living costs, supplies and textbooks, the annual cost of attending a four-year college is approximately $30,000.
what do we do? Some are able to scrape by, staying in school by the skin of their checkbooks. Others may be in debt for the rest of their lives, but they’ll manage to get that ever-important little piece of paper. But many of us will simply stop attending school, at least temporarily, because there is nothing we can do to stay.
There should be a call to action, But Im not sure what it should be. At first I had the idealistic and simple idea, that colleges realize they are disabling themselves and lower tuition again, but then I remembered how un-ideal this world can be.
The famous, and consequently most expensive, colleges are implementing the best course of action. Many Ivy League universities are turning to sliding-scale tuitions.
With this tuition plan, families will only have to pay 10 percent of their income. This arrangement is made with an income cap; meaning only those who make less then the cutoff amount would qualify. Harvard, for example, placed the cap at $150,000 per year.
If more colleges would adopt this policy, I believe we would see more college students reaching graduation. I think we would see more people succeeding and going on to achieve great things and make the world a better place.
The United States has always been regarded as a country where a person is not restricted by the circumstances of his or her birth. People can better themselves and, to be cliché, become whatever they wish to be.
Part of this claim comes from our places of higher learning. If we, as a nation, wish to keep this standard, we need to make sure our colleges and universities remain accessible to everyone.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, I feel like an older person. I do NOT understand people my age and their social norms. Case in point; Dating. You go on a date with someone and you can't figure out if it was a friend date or a real date. What's that about?
'Well, this guy friend of mine said we should hang out, so we figured out a day
we were like both free. So, we met at the place, so its like not a
date, but then he paid for me, which means it IS a date. then we went and
watched a movie like at his place, which could be a 'date', but then his little
sister came down and watched with us, so it wasn't really a date. Then he like
walked me out to my car and said goodnight, so.. it could be a
date.'(Disclaimer; this is not a real instance, just a
fictional example.)
.....ok. so... What? It's a date, thats not a date, but it really is..n't. ?? And here I thought when a guy asked you out he kind of made it clear what it was.Oh! And then you have 'just friends' that are ok kissing each other, which in my opinion totally blurs the lines of what's what. Granted, kissing isnt that big a thing for some people. I get that. I know. But a kiss, as far as society sees it, is still associated with romance and love, so why would you kiss someone you're not actually interested? It's Blurry!! How do you people understand whats going on?? Aaaagh! *Sigh* I dont understand my peers.

Young people these days make no sense... Hey! Give me back my cane. little whipper-snapper. I oughta tell your ma... Lol

No Previous Requirements Necessary (The curses of chain mail)

So I was with my friend a few days ago, at starbucks (mmm, caremel mocha frapechino, baby) and I saw something that annoyed the hullaballoo out of me. We were paying for our drinks, and I looked at my friends change. on one of the dollar bills was written a little note:
write this on ten other dollar bills and you will be greatly blessed

My first thought was to lament that chain mail had infiltrated yet another avenue of flying in your face. I was already sad it had infiltrated all aspects of myspace, so its appearance on our currency was a grave disappointment.
But then I was struck by the content. "write this on ten other bills and then you will be blessed." Now, I'm sorry, but this annoys me. cuz I'm sick of ultimatums like that, especially when you're original purpose in sending such things out is to make people happy. if you're going to bless someone, bless them, don't put a stupid addendum on it. "God bless you!... but only if you do this." sure I know about the whole blessings and curses shouted from the hills in the old testament, where God told them that if they did certain things they would be blessed, and if they did other things- bad things obviously- they would be cursed. But that's God's department. we're all humans, we're all on the same playing field. and its stupid to pick and choose over such an inconsequential thing as copying and pasting.
So God bless you! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and you don't have to pass this one on to get it. It's all yours, for the taking.


Gov. Palin's email was hacked, and adversaries are rejoicing in her trouble....

President Bush makes a mistake in his speech, and people criticize and laugh...

McCain and Obama are nashing teeth at each other, and the crowd gathers and jeers and egs them on...

.... ... .

someone ties the little girls shoelaces together, and they all laugh when she trips and falls...

The quiet boy across the class spills water in his lap, and the guffaws and zings bounce off the walls...

The schoolyard echoes with catcalls and cheers as the two boys go at each other in the middle of the basketball court....

.... .... ... ....

Wow... We've come so far.....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smoking or Non-Smoking?

Listen to this: To provide their daughter with cool, fresh air, two parents regularly open the bedroom window. But what is that smell? Smoke?
Looking over the fence, they see the neighbor, out enjoying the weather from his back deck and smoking a cigarette. The parents are upset; the good clean air smells funny.
Instead of just closing the window and waiting until later to air the room, they march across the yard to the neighbors' house- and ask him to please not smoke in his own yard because they can smell it.
Ignoring the simple solution of closing the window, and the daughter not showing any adverse affects, and that the man was on his own property, perfectly in his legal rights to enjoy a cigarette- How dare he? Assaulting a poor, upright family's nostrils with that foul stench.
While concern over their daughters wellbeing is far more than noteworthy, it remains a fact that they were out of line. The man is practicing a completely legal habit. He was on his own property.
But the story does not end there.
The man goes to find work. When applying for a job, he is asked to submit not only to tests for illegal drugs, but also to be tested for nicotine. A completely legal substance.
He finally manages to procure a job, despite his habit, and he cannot smoke in the building- or within 50 feet of it, or in the covered seating area nearby.
No, he must go instead to the parking lot, or the 'smoking area'- a bench with a smoking outpost, soaked from the morning rain.
After work, He goes to his favorite bar, walks through the door and sees the new sign on the wall: "no smoking."
What is next folks? Caffeine?
"Excuse me, could you not drink your coffee out here? I have to walk by and I can smell it, and I don't wanna stunt my growth."
(and no, for the record; I personally dont smoke. But I am annoyed and slightly disgusted by the current trend of treating people like crap just because they do)