No Previous Requirements Necessary (The curses of chain mail)

So I was with my friend a few days ago, at starbucks (mmm, caremel mocha frapechino, baby) and I saw something that annoyed the hullaballoo out of me. We were paying for our drinks, and I looked at my friends change. on one of the dollar bills was written a little note:
write this on ten other dollar bills and you will be greatly blessed

My first thought was to lament that chain mail had infiltrated yet another avenue of flying in your face. I was already sad it had infiltrated all aspects of myspace, so its appearance on our currency was a grave disappointment.
But then I was struck by the content. "write this on ten other bills and then you will be blessed." Now, I'm sorry, but this annoys me. cuz I'm sick of ultimatums like that, especially when you're original purpose in sending such things out is to make people happy. if you're going to bless someone, bless them, don't put a stupid addendum on it. "God bless you!... but only if you do this." sure I know about the whole blessings and curses shouted from the hills in the old testament, where God told them that if they did certain things they would be blessed, and if they did other things- bad things obviously- they would be cursed. But that's God's department. we're all humans, we're all on the same playing field. and its stupid to pick and choose over such an inconsequential thing as copying and pasting.
So God bless you! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and you don't have to pass this one on to get it. It's all yours, for the taking.