Ok, I feel like an older person. I do NOT understand people my age and their social norms. Case in point; Dating. You go on a date with someone and you can't figure out if it was a friend date or a real date. What's that about?
'Well, this guy friend of mine said we should hang out, so we figured out a day
we were like both free. So, we met at the place, so its like not a
date, but then he paid for me, which means it IS a date. then we went and
watched a movie like at his place, which could be a 'date', but then his little
sister came down and watched with us, so it wasn't really a date. Then he like
walked me out to my car and said goodnight, so.. it could be a
date.'(Disclaimer; this is not a real instance, just a
fictional example.)
.....ok. so... What? It's a date, thats not a date, but it really is..n't. ?? And here I thought when a guy asked you out he kind of made it clear what it was.Oh! And then you have 'just friends' that are ok kissing each other, which in my opinion totally blurs the lines of what's what. Granted, kissing isnt that big a thing for some people. I get that. I know. But a kiss, as far as society sees it, is still associated with romance and love, so why would you kiss someone you're not actually interested? It's Blurry!! How do you people understand whats going on?? Aaaagh! *Sigh* I dont understand my peers.

Young people these days make no sense... Hey! Give me back my cane. little whipper-snapper. I oughta tell your ma... Lol