Thursday, December 17, 2009

To my Brothers and Sisters

I must as you a question, to be pondered for yourself. Not for my benefit, but for your own.

When did God say Sabbath was changed? When did God decide to move his holy day from Saturday to Sunday?

I am not asking about what Constantine and the Council of Nicaea decided. I know the history of 'the church,; of what human men decided to standardize. This does not concern me.

I am concerned solely with what Yahweh said. I remember no verse in the new testament where he said the day was changed.

I want you to think about this. Pray about it, research it in the bible. I want you to find the truth, Christians. For yourselves. Not from me, but from God. My hope is that you grow in your relationship with him, that you get to know him better, and love him all the more for who he is.

Peace, and God's Blessings. :-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rant Against the Paper!

Grrrr... College is bogus. You spend 4 years of your life chasing that stupid little paper just so people will consider you smart. Until you get that shiny, EXPENSIVE paper, you spend your time taking courses you couldn't care less about, being told by people "smarter" then you (major sarcasm here) that this is what you should think and why this is the only way to think and if you don't think so- well it's ok, you don't have your shiny piece of paper yet, so you just don't know any better. (I'll endeavor not to rabbit trail on that hypocrisy, but no promises)
So you take all the crap classes they tell you- classes meant to "broaden your perspective" and make you a more rounded individual (which, I might add, is incredibly ludicrous; people tend to have diverse interests anyway. Let them pursue their own interests and count that toward their diversity requirements).
So you finish the required propaganda, and even manage to get some good classes in as well, and you manage to get the stupid, bloodsucking piece of paper. What exactly have you accomplished? What- aside from everyday life experience, massive debt and a bunch of useless information you'll never remember- have you gained? Where, in the grand scheme of life, does it matter? Riddle me that, Batman.
This whole hierarchy of education is insane. Why do I have to have a degree in order to have a good idea? You all spout the slogan, "Inspiration an Ideas come from anywhere!" But how many of you actually follow through on that philosophy?
I am a strong supporter of people bettering themselves. It is how we grow, how we gain wisdom and knowledge. And I have no problem with encouraging people to step outside their comfort zone in order to look at life from a new perspective. But when the push to MAKE people better themselves creates this idiotic cycle of snobbery, and forces us to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just so we can "amount to something," I have to rail against the system.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Boycott of 'Early Bird' Society!

Where is it written that EVERYONE must wake up early? Why is life wrapped around the whole 'rise with the sun' mentality?
You notice how nearly every 'real, serious' job is set up to start somewhere between 5-7am? It's insanity! On behalf of Night Owls everywhere, I oppose this craziness!
It's a massive preconception that waking up late is indicative of being lazy and unmotivated. What is so lazy about wanting to start your day at a reasonable hour? Some of us literally feel physically ill when we get up in the early morning. Achy, loss of appetite, urge to vomit- what part of that sounds enticing?
Not to mention the entire impracticality of trying to dress for the day; You bundle up all snug, because it's freezing when you get up. then half way through the day you're roasting because- what do you know- the forecast was for 80 degrees and sunshine.
Who on Earth let the Early Birds rule society? Who gave them leave to dictate to the rest of us about our sleep schedule?
It's madness I tell you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Women! Sorry, boys, I have no answers for ya:)

Ugh! So Ive been on a 'girly book' kick recently; i.e. romance novels? (Debbie Macomber rocks! 'case you didn't know) And I'm getting increasingly exasperated with the heroines. They all keep doin this thing where they say one thing, but when the guy complies, they get all miffed and feel unloved because the guy is giving them the space they asked for. It's totally aggravating, and the worst part; Its TOTALLY how women act!

It's so true about real women! We go into how we want space, to take things slow, then when guys respect our wishes, we get all depressed and feel unwanted. Or, conversely, we show interest in a guy, but the second he shows that he's attracted to us as well, we clam up and run away, emotionally if not physically. (And yes, sadly, I must count myself among the women who do all this. *sigh*) It's absolutely Ridiculous!

I mean, as a woman, I kinda understand why we do this... kinda. But there really isn't much of an explanation for it. It's... kinda because we get scared. We tend to over think things and scare ourselves into not doing anything, tryin to back off so we don't get too serious... or something like that. lol That's the best I can do.

As a girl who grew up around tons of boys though (and subsequently thinks a little more like they do... most of the time;-)) It makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean the situation is pretty simple; you like the guy, or you don't. But again, as a woman, I understand how much more complicated it seems.
You want to show interest without seeming to forward or easy. You don't want to embarrass yourself if the guy isn't interested in you as well. And (a big one for me) you don't want to waste your time if the guy isn't as great as he seems at first. You don't want to make a mistake, because mistakes hurt.

I'm sorry, guys. lol I honestly don't have any answers for you. We cant seem to help it most of the time. The good news is some of us are aware of it, and are truly trying to rise above it:) But you have your work cut out for ya, I'm not gonna lie lol.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Clean Music...?

Ive been thinking about country music recently. I don't know how it is with you, but I grew up thinking that as far as secular music goes, it wasn't so bad. I mean, they sing about God, and going to church and all that. Not like that rap music;-p. "yo, yo, yo, your my ho, ho, ho!" seems to be the basic gist of most rap and hip hop songs Ive heard, and- to put it incredibly softly- that's really not my cup of tea.

But anyway, I was listening to country the other day and thinking of the different songs Id heard, and realized; wow, country really isn't all that clean. I know, not really a shocker when you think about it, but give me some slack. All my baptist relatives listen to it, I thought it was ok.
But come on; "Save a horse, ride a cowboy," "Beer for my horses," "Not as good as I once was," "Get your game on"? yeah, not really setting a high standard. it's really sad that a beautiful song like "what I love about Sundays" is followed by Toby Keith's latest har-de-har-har 'bad boy' song. (and while we're on the subject, Toby; you need a new innuendo, love. "You know what I mean"? Yes, we all know what you mean. You say it in nearly every song. lol I bet you could copyright it, and make as much money on that as the NFL does on the 'football championship' [... but please don't!]) Ohh, don't feel too bad, Toby, you're not all bad. You've come out with a bunch of really good stuff too. "Rock you baby" is most definitely one of my favorites.

But seriously, Y'all, you claim to be God-fearing, honest, Down to earth average folks (average folks who all make hundreds of thousands to million of dollars a year, I might add), but your songs don't exactly reflect that. I mean, lets see... the medley of all your works would goes something like, "God Bess America/ Hey check out her bedonkey donk/ lets buy her a drink/ then/ call up the preacher/ now lets break out the beer/ for my horses/ and poker Saturday night, church on Sunday mornin'... you know what I mean?"

I don't know, maybe I have a... traditional view of what country is. ya'know, I'm used to Randy Travis, George Straight, Faith and Tim. But I'm sure it's just me. I guess I have some rethinking to do. Cant imagine what I was thinking, expecting more then there is.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I met a man the other day, in a Jack in the Box. We'd gone in for dinner- My family and me- and there he was; just hanging out. He was homeless I think, But he was more just hanging out for the company. He was very nice, in his own way. But as we ate our dinner, and he got to talking, we could tell he wasn't entirely... sound. He started out with smaller, easier topics; family, jobs. He told us about the family he'd had; 'had two kids, a son and a daughter.' He rambled about a hundred different things, mind never settling. He couldn't seem to keep his mind still, always one jump ahead of the shadows, trying to connect with whoever would listen... cuz he had a story to tell.

He told us how he'd been a Green Beret in Korea. My brother was in the army, and the mention was enough for him to latch onto us. For a while, he still flitted back and forth, From the end to the beginning and back again, not quite hitting what he needed to say, what he needed to release. joined up at 17. he was a medic. met his wife through the army. He was 'always patchin up the stupid newbies.' As he talked, he became more focused, more... not really calm, but in control. the more he said, the more he could say... It hurt, watching him wrestle through the fog... like watching a drowning man struggle for the shore.

He finally got to the point he needed to say. He talked about his work in Korea, the things he'd seen.. and done. It made me want to cry. the atrocities and horrors he'd had to, not only witness, but take part in... the kinds of things that give you nightmares, that bind you with guilt for your entire life... all so he could survive.

It made me hurt so badly for him... Watching him try to come to terms with it. Watching him wrestle with the right and wrong... and not being able to quantify it. Such utter helplessness... the things he's had to go through, the harsh realities he's had to face, have left him so scarred and mutilated he can no longer think straight... 'a braincase,' by his own definition...

He talked until they closed, and we had to go, desperately needing to unload his burden. Needing someone, anyone, to listen. I have the feeling few have spared the time. He was so helpless...
I don't pretend to know what its like to do the things he's done, to carry that burden for so long. I don't know how it feels to be in those situations and, with God's grace, I never will.
But I saw the scars, the raw agony, the marks it's left on him. I felt the torture, festering in his heart; never letting him rest, never finding any peace, to the point where it felt like death would be a sweet release for him. the only rest... I haven't seen what he's seen. But I've seen the bloody mess it's left him.
There is no truth, but war is hell.

I met a man today... in so much pain, I thought my heart would break.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here's one for ya;
When writing for mass media (newspapers, mags, business proposals, you get the gist) it is stressed (and stressed, and stressed again) that you are NOT to write above a 8th grade reading level. This is because the national reading level is apparently so low that writing anything better would be considered over peoples heads. so those of us with a broader vocabulary are stunted and put off balance by trying to use five little words to replace the one that would have fit perfectly.

AND YET- Disney channel- with its shows geared towards elementary schoolers and junior highers (though honestly probably gets watched by people on both sides of that age bracket)- regularly uses words like 'amalgam' and 'quagmire,' and no one has a problem understanding whats going on. explanations? And don't feed me a line about how our children are just learning so much more now, the schools are stepping up, kids are just smarter now. please. I still have to translate myself around people my own age and younger.

I've heard from a lot of people that its for peoples whose first language is not English, but honestly, that's kinda ridiculous. I went to a school that was 90% Hispanic, and most of them spoke English better than most 'white kids.'

obviously, the mass public can function at a higher reading level than everyone thinks. Good ol' Disney has proven that. this writing block is just handicapping us. If we were to raise the bar, I would bet nearly anything that the reading average would go up too.

Friday, February 13, 2009

God save the psychology dept.

ok, so I took this survey thing- some chick was doing her college thesis and needed stats- and I must say, Psychologists ask some of the stupidest questions.

the beginning of the second section started with the question "How spiritual are you?", then had the fill in the bubble answers on a scale, ranging from "not spiritual" to "very spiritual."
What does that even mean? My first reaction was to bust out laughing. How spiritual...? I mean honestly, how do you answer that? 'yes, I regularly commune with my great aunt Gilbreth, who is now reincarnated as a cat"? "I speak in tongues"? or 'No, Ive never been to a seance, sorry.' Maybe its like the movie Ladyhawke (if you've never seen it, you're totally missing out);

Navaar: ... God
has brought me to you. you are meant to help me.
Phillipe: I talk to God all the time, and he never mentioned you.

Seriously though, how do you grade spirituality like that? This isn't like piano lessons, where you tell the teacher, "yes, I'm very motivated. I practice 8 times a week." It doesn't work that way. Heck, I talk to Yahweh off and on all day long, and I completely and honestly believe he answers back. Does that make me "spiritual"? I believe in spiritual warfare, fighting demons and being helped by angels. Does that make me very spiritual? Maybe if I throw in a holy relic, like the finger bone of St. John, I'll be super-duper spiritual.

The rest of the survey, was pretty much just as good. these are some of my favorites (answers were scaled, from 'strongly disagree' to 'strongly agree');

-My spiritual beliefs help me to be a better person.

-My spirituality is at the core of who I am. (this one actually makes sense, comparatively)

-My spirituality is my inner voice speaking to me.

-I believe God, Creator or Higher Power is present in my life. (this one was a good Q too. the P.C . thing is annoying, but to be expected)

-My spiritual beliefs are the foundation for my religious background. (I have no idea what this one even means)

-My spiritual beliefs make my life more meaningful. (better)

-I feel as if my life has a higher purpose. (kinda cheesy, but ok)

-My spiritual beliefs positively impact my health and well-being. (haha, yes, God regularly tells me to get off my butt and do something)

- My spiritual beliefs guide my relationships with other people.(Not bad actually. not a question I'd think of)

-I would feel lost without my spiritual beliefs directing my life. (interesting, but on target)

-I am a very spiritual person. (I will not reiterate, I will not reiterate...)

-I try to be a spiritual person. (??)

-My spirituality is my personal connection with God or a Higher Power. (a little backwards in my opinion. God is the connection to spirituality, not the other way around)

after that section they had a similar one on 'How religious you are.' Lord have mercy. Psychs, no offense, honest. But ya'll need some help.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long Live the King

Ok, so I've decided; Elvis is the Charlemagne of music.

You know, Charlemagne? The king of the Franks? He ruled like all of Western Europe. He's kinda argued about by Europeans; Some people say he spoke Germanic, others say he spoke French (the root language at least). Anyway, the point is that pretty much Everyone claims him. Just Like Elvis.

"The King" is regarded as- well, the king- in many different genres. Rock 'n' Roll claims him, Country loves him. Gospel, Pop, R&B- We all adore the King.

so yeah, just an amusing tangent.