Women! Sorry, boys, I have no answers for ya:)

Ugh! So Ive been on a 'girly book' kick recently; i.e. romance novels? (Debbie Macomber rocks! 'case you didn't know) And I'm getting increasingly exasperated with the heroines. They all keep doin this thing where they say one thing, but when the guy complies, they get all miffed and feel unloved because the guy is giving them the space they asked for. It's totally aggravating, and the worst part; Its TOTALLY how women act!

It's so true about real women! We go into how we want space, to take things slow, then when guys respect our wishes, we get all depressed and feel unwanted. Or, conversely, we show interest in a guy, but the second he shows that he's attracted to us as well, we clam up and run away, emotionally if not physically. (And yes, sadly, I must count myself among the women who do all this. *sigh*) It's absolutely Ridiculous!

I mean, as a woman, I kinda understand why we do this... kinda. But there really isn't much of an explanation for it. It's... kinda because we get scared. We tend to over think things and scare ourselves into not doing anything, tryin to back off so we don't get too serious... or something like that. lol That's the best I can do.

As a girl who grew up around tons of boys though (and subsequently thinks a little more like they do... most of the time;-)) It makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean the situation is pretty simple; you like the guy, or you don't. But again, as a woman, I understand how much more complicated it seems.
You want to show interest without seeming to forward or easy. You don't want to embarrass yourself if the guy isn't interested in you as well. And (a big one for me) you don't want to waste your time if the guy isn't as great as he seems at first. You don't want to make a mistake, because mistakes hurt.

I'm sorry, guys. lol I honestly don't have any answers for you. We cant seem to help it most of the time. The good news is some of us are aware of it, and are truly trying to rise above it:) But you have your work cut out for ya, I'm not gonna lie lol.