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Everyday Dragons

On the outside, I sit quietly at the table, sipping at my tea. My dress is a bit funky, but classic, my presence polite and demure.
But in my mind, I've just felled four beasts and a demon with my mad ninja skills. My hair is chopped crudely, tied into braids to stay out of my face. The right sleeve of my shirt falls in tatters where a close call almost claimed my arm.
On the outside, I smile politely at passersby, blush a little at the cute boy who winks my direction.
Inside, I sharpen my sword as the dragon horde circles around me, jeering and taunting me to fall. My eyes narrowed in determination, I take a deep breath and bellow, “Who's next? Have you no champions, no brave creatures to best me?” and I laugh.
I laughed at what the boy just did; making a spectacle, obviously wanting attention. Silly boy, I think, Doesn't he know he could just say 'Hi'?
“I!” Roars a powerful voice, and the great dragon himself charges forward. For a moment I am daunted; I did not…

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