Just keep Swimming! Summer splash continues!

A day or two late, but still going strong! Only four week left on this beautiful fest. Are you finding grand new books for you library? (Of course you are, I know you!). Are you in new author overload yet??
This weeks guest is truly a wonderful person.
My darlings, may I introduce the mastermind behind this whole tour; the lovely, the fantastic, C. A. King!

Tell me now; who are you? 
Who am I?…Who am I?
Silence…chews pencil…
Who am I?…Who am I?
I am…
a daydreamer…a hopeless romantic…an optimistic pessimist…a psychic…a childish adult…an animal lover…an over-emotional wreck…an adventurer…an artistic fool…
I am…A Fiction Writer!
Nice to meet you!"

What is it that you write?
I write all things Fantasy. I also have a weekly column for Books & Quills Magazine and a writing related blog.

So tell me a bit about yourself; What else do you like to do?
Blushes” I like cheesy romance novels (not explicit but love stories). I am a romantic at heart. My hat tips to all the romance authors out there.
TV – gasps “Ahhhhh” – I admit it I am a wrestling fan. Nine out of ten times my television is set to the WWE Network. The other time it’s on the weather network.
Movies. Horror is where it is at. I want a movie that makes me jump and laugh at the same time. That means traditional slasher films are the best. A good disaster film is always on my radar as well.

What is your favorite way to story build and brainstorm?
Daydreaming. My eyelids are like a screen for my imagination.

How do you create your characters?
I think of my characters like children. In the beginning of a series, they are in their “raw” form and that is deliberate on my part. I want the reader to be there and actually see what makes them who they are.
In my personal opinion there isn’t enough time in one book to experience the growing pains of life. In a series, however, you have a chance for not only the protagonist to learn, but, also really delve deep into expanding on the supporting characters as well.
It’s important to me, that if a person takes the time to read my books, they can fully invest their emotions into every aspect. When you meet a character, they have a purpose and aren’t just there for page filler. To me, there is nothing worse than having someone introduced into a story and never hearing about them again.

What was the best feedback you've ever gotten from a reader?
To change some fonts and colours on my covers. I am working on that now.

Tell me more about your writing: What was your first published work?

What's next on your agenda? What can we look forward to in the coming year?
August 20th and 21st - Arts Fest
August 26th - 28th Fan World Niagara
September 1st - 4th Fan Expo
September 11th - Hamilton PPD
September 17th - Ignite Your Soul Author Event
September 25th - Word on the Street Toronto

October 1st and 2nd - Hamilton Comic Con
Weekends in October - Bizarro's Factory of Fear

March 17th-19th 2017 - Toronto Comic Con

New Series - Merliance (A Portal Prophecies Spin off)
New Series - Tomoiya's Story (Vampire Alien race)

Why did you decide to write and publish?
After losing my mother, father and husband in a short time, I decided to take some time off work and do a bit of soul searching. I have always been a daydreamer with a vivid imagination. One day I started doodling and it turned into a story. I found writing eased the pain. So I kept writing. I knew the stories were good because they had kept me happily daydreaming for years.

What do you think is your driving force behind your writing? What keeps you going?
The readers. I truly believe if I can make one person happy through my reading, I am a successful author. 
If I have a bad day and close my eyes. I can travel to a world where things are just a little brighter and get lost there for a while. I want to share that with my readers. When they need to forget about the present even for a few minutes, I want them to be able to grab one of my books and smile again.

The mother of all questions: Tell us about a favorite book?
Treasure Island.

Anything else you'd like our adoring masses to know?
Authors survive on reviews. If you like a book, any book, please consider commenting your feelings on Amazon.com and goodreads.com. You will make someone's day much brighter!

Carol Ann King

(I heartily affirm that last one. Reviews are treasure maps for other people to find us!)

Carol, thanks so much for orchestrating this tour. We've had a blast meeting everyone, and I'm so glad I jumped in with you!

My Dear Readers, make sure to check out C.A. At her website, as well as on Amazon.

Stay tuned for next week, when we catch up with D.R. Perry!