Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mountains of Books!

Aren't used books the best?

They have so much character,  such history.
I got this book of poetry from the library sale, and by all stamps and signatures, it's been in at least three public libraries, two private collections and has travelled from New York (where it was published) across the United States to end up here in the Pacific Northwest. All since at least 1896. This book has gotten around.

Just think of all the hands, all the eyes that have roamed it's pages. How many lovers has it spoken to? How many lonely hearts, reminiscent of days past? This is the legacy I am now a part of, in owning this bit of fabric, paper and thought. It gives me chills!

I picked up a beautiful book today, and fell so in love it's become a part of my soul.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What To Expect From Your Author

This past week couple weeks has brought so much news and excitement to me, that I’ve barely begun to take it all in! I’m feeling exceptionally blessed by the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing them all with you, my Dearest Readers?


With the launch of my new steampunk series (A Trivial Venture) comes even more big news; I’m going on tour! I am still working out the schedule and details, but I will be doing a tour of the West coast in Fall of 2016, and I would love to see you all! I am planning appearances in Washington and California, and if I get enough funding, I will extend it to cover Oregon and even Alaska!

As touring the country is a bit expensive, I will be relying on you, my dear friends and readers, to help me make it happen. I will post more information on how to make that happen next week.


My other very big bit of news is that I will very soon be published in Spanish! I recently connected with a wonderful woman and fellow writer, who is helping me translate ‘A Trivial Venture,’ and I hope to publish the Spanish version of this story before the end of this year.


Trivial Venture final

En EspaƱol

Diciembre 2015!


In other news, I am working on “The Trivial Venture, Book Two,” and preparing for National Novel Writing Month, in which I will be starting my sequel to “The Rooftops of London.”

It’s shaping up to be a busy Autumn and Winter, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Trivial Venture; Official Release Announcement

It is with greatest pleasure that I announce the release of A Trivial Venture; book one of a brand new epic of piracy, narrow escapes, dastardly fiends and the price of true love.
Join Captain Ithaca Vain as she navigates the skies of Vashtain, forging her place in a world that isn’t quite what it ought to be.

Trivial Venture final

“It's not easy being a pirate.
Honestly, do you know how much it takes to plan a solid, profitable bounty hunt in mid air? It's hard work.
Not to mention all the other pirates trying to cut in on one's profits...
But Captain Ithaca Vain is determined, and with the help of her motley crew,
there should be no trouble at all.
Well, except for that one tiny thing…”
Sail away via Nook or Kindle