A Trivial Venture; Official Release Announcement

It is with greatest pleasure that I announce the release of A Trivial Venture; book one of a brand new epic of piracy, narrow escapes, dastardly fiends and the price of true love.
Join Captain Ithaca Vain as she navigates the skies of Vashtain, forging her place in a world that isn’t quite what it ought to be.

Trivial Venture final

“It's not easy being a pirate.
Honestly, do you know how much it takes to plan a solid, profitable bounty hunt in mid air? It's hard work.
Not to mention all the other pirates trying to cut in on one's profits...
But Captain Ithaca Vain is determined, and with the help of her motley crew,
there should be no trouble at all.
Well, except for that one tiny thing…”
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