Monday, December 7, 2015

‘Our Craft Fair is a Great Craft Fair…’

Thank you to everyone who came to the River Ridge High School Craft Fair! We had a steady flow of people coming to check out all the wonderful vendors. There were so many beautiful crafts and items being shared and offered (There was a fantastic lady who makes boxes pretty, and I was soooo tempted!), not the least of which were the books I and Patricia Beerman were showing off.

Patricia and I were the only authors/booksellers at the fair, which made us the odd women out, but the other vendors welcomed us with friendship and the customers seemed to enjoy us as well. We had a steady flow of traffic, and many people stopped to sign up for our raffles and check out our books. One of our fellow vendors won a copy of Patricia’s Poems 2 Multilingual, and in a few days I will be announcing the winners of my own raffle of A Trivial Venture (The Trivial Venture Book 1).

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be sharing info on my upcoming works, which was released for the first time at the fair, starting with my very first poetry collection. So stay tuned!
Overall, the fair was great; I met some wonderful people and appreciated the opportunity to share some of my favorite stories with you all. Thanks for all the love and support, and it was great to see those of you who were able to make it!
IMG_20151205_143542_hdr                                 IMG_20151205_144226

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

May We Proudly Present…?

My Dear, Lovely Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great excitement (and more than a little nervousness) That I announce: I am making my first ever public appearance as an author!

Dec. 5th, I will be attending a holiday bazaar at River Ridge High School with my good friend and fellow author Patricia Beerman (Author of Patricia’s Prayers and many other works).

A full three years into this crazy life building, and finally, I get to go out an be the author. I’m beyond thrilled.

At this event, I will be showing off the beautiful print copies of my books, and offering a front row, first ever peek at my two upcoming books; complete with cover art, synopses and a chance to receive a fresh and exclusive look at some first chapters!

SO, if you are interested in meeting us and learning more about either of our published works, (as well as seeing other amazing local craftspeople and artists) you should come to:

River Ridge High School
350 River Ridge Dr. SE
Lacey, WA 98513

The craft fair will last from 7:30am to 4pm on Saturday, Dec. 5th.


Come meet Anna Kringle at the River Ridge Craft Fair!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gamer Girls

A month ago, I invited Catherine Banks to guest spot here as part of her book tour celebrating the release of her newest adventure, The Pirate Princess. She agreed, and I was very excited to find that her topic of thought fits so beautifully among those collected here, as she explores the world of gaming from a girls perspective. (P.S. I loved MW2 as well! I wasn’t terribly good, but I did manage to beat it with my brother in Co-Op)

So without further pontificating, I pass the keyboard to Catherine!

video games

In the past just the mention of girls gaming was something to laugh about. Sure there was the occasional girl that played at the arcade or played with the guys, but they weren’t considered “gamers”. It’s more accepted now, but even to this day I will talk with people while gaming and they’ll ask, “Girls play this game? You’re the first one I’ve encountered” or “you play other games than this? I didn’t know you played those games too”.

I know some of the gamers are frustrated with people who call themselves gamers when they only play one type of game or when the games they do play are cell phone games or things like Sims. I play games and consider myself a gamer, but I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer. I put A LOT of hours into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I even joined a clan (actually I was in two at different times) and participated in mandatory weekly practices and played in matches against other teams. Did I deserve to be in those clans or were they just letting me in since I was girl? Unfortunately in regards to COD: MW2 it was the latter. I loved playing and I was decent, but I wasn’t as good as the others. Even though it was a blow to my ego to know that, I still stayed in the clans because I firmly believe playing with people who are a higher skill level than you helps you learn to be better.

Currently I spend a lot of time playing Destiny and we have a clan which is really just made up of friends who like to play together. Then again, isn’t that what clans started off as anyways? My clan has very skilled players and luckily I’m not the worst even if I am the only girl. I can honestly say that playing with them has helped me get better. I can also say that every group of people I’ve played with has felt like a family. They’re my gaming family. Some of them have disappeared or we’ve been separated due to new consoles and games, but I still have those memories and now I have a new group. The friends made on gaming extend beyond the games and I consider them my friends even though I haven’t met most in person yet. Some people look down on that. Some people think it’s ridiculous that we consider our gaming friends our real friends, but I have spent more hours talking and playing games with my gaming friends than anyone else. If you’re ever on PS4 add “CatBanks” and check out the Destiny PS4 clan “Raiders of the Lost Bark”.


Catherine Banks is the author of the Artemis Lupine Series, Little Death Bringer Series, Ciara Steele Novella Series, and the novel Daughter of Lions. She began writing fiction stories when she was only four years old and finished her first full length novel at the age of fifteen.

Catherine is a Northern California native and has lived within a twenty mile radius her entire life. She plans to travel to as many places as possible in her thirties to make up for her lack of traveling experience. She is married to her soulmate and best friend, Avery, who blessed her with two amazing children. After her full time job she reads books, plays video games, and watches a lot of anime shows and movies with her family to relax.

Find out more, and check out Catherine’s books at:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Of All Beautiful Places!

If you are looking for a place of stunning beauty and restful seclusion, I would highly suggest Whidbey Island, Washington.

My parent’s are alumni of Seattle Pacific University, and as such, we had opportunity to spend a weekend at Fort Casey, and it has cemented my love for turn of the century houses (I am officially holding out for a Victorian dream home now, no lie).

Fort Casey Alumni house

We and our friends enjoyed three days in one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. We had bonfires on the beach, great conversations in a tidy little parlor, and woke up every morning to the beautiful colors of Autumn on the island.

I had the opportunity to visit Coupeville, the town in the middle of the island, and checked out their waterfront shops, where the most prevalent sales pitch I heard was “Our merchandise is all made in the USA or from the Fair Trade Organization!” (There is a bakery there that is to die for. GIANT pastries). They have a large art community on the island and a rural, small town feel that can be quite pleasant.

It was a pleasant pause, a chance to get out of my own head and spend time with some of my favorite people. And while I was ecstatic to get back to the buzz and bustle of the city, I’ll most definitely keep it in my top places to travel to.

P.S. Ferry’s are kind of amazing. I’d never ridden one before, growing up landlocked in California. But they really are spectacular.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Second Verse, Same as the First…

Ten days into National Novel Writing Month, and I’ve found that the weather has gotten decidedly chilly in my corner of the world. Perfect days for cuddling up with a steamy cup of coffee and refusing to “Adult,” as we’ve been saying on Facebook.

Unfortunately for my rather feline tendencies, Adulting is a necessary part of life.

NaNoWriMo is becoming an interesting circus act for me this time around; With all the moving about I’ve done this year, I don’t have as many outside events competing for my time and brain power, but I have replaced them with new ventures of my own (I’m one of those weird people who actually doesn’t like being free from responsibilities. I like being needed and making a difference). The change in life pace hasn’t freed up my time as some would think. Instead, I’m having to practice more clever time management techniques: It’s not enough to simply wait til I get off work. I’m self employed, I’m always ‘on’ work. So, the juggling act continues, with different batons sailing through the air.

It’s easy to be nostalgic for things once they’ve passed, but that’s not actually what this post is about. I’m growing to appreciate the time to reflect and recharge after 10 straight months of craziness. It’s a pleasant change, even if my personal stressors feel more profound.

The point is: The more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s one of those trite little proverbs that always holds true. I’ve seen so many people recently who think a change in venue means a change in problems, a change in heart.

I still struggle with the same character defects now that I did last year, or even ten years ago- and I’ve been in a lot of different places, with different people in all that time. I still find myself struggling not to overburden myself with problems to fix, projects to occupy my overactive mind. I find myself striving and pushing for things I really, really want and feeling like they’ll never get there. And the only way I conquer all of those things is by changing myself, not my circumstances. I have to let go sometimes. I have to tell myself “No,” Which is perhaps why a self employed status works so well for me: it forces me to acknowledge that, and hold myself to it.

The point is: Take ownership of your circumstance. If you don’t like it, address it. See what you can let go of. Don’t run away and expect the problems to disappear.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Boldly Going Where…

I’ve been so overwhelmed with amazing people in the last few weeks. In the last year, if I’m to be honest. But this last month has been a parade of intrepid individuals that are coming up with some pretty awesome plans of action to affect their future. I LOVE proactive people!

As an entrepreneur myself, it’s been my privilege to connect and support other small business mavens. I run a group on Facebook for a variety of craftspeople and entrepreneurs, and I am constantly seeking the company of other business minded people.

The last few days I have been interviewing (by the simple nature of our conversation) Kristan Cannon about her brand new business venture, Lone Wolf Bookstore.

As an author, I get completely googley about bookstores in general. But Lone Wolf is a brain child that was fostered and inspired by National Novel Writing Month and the Indie book market, both of which I actively participate in and support.

The part that I find impressive about Lone Wolf is that it’s starting out as an online store only (with plans to expand to a physical store front later).
Now I know, we have Amazon, the behemoth of the web. And Barnes & Noble have been wise enough to expand to the internet. And we have the handful of indie publishing sites that sell their own books.
But Lone Wolf is simple and completely a bookstore, it’s purpose to find and purvey great books, particularly from the independent market, and those that were birthed out of National Novel Writing Month.

Lone wolf exhibits the beauty of living the small business, entrepreneurial life with the classic, homey feel of unlocking your first storefront and flipping that open sign for the first time… except that it’s doing it via the World Wide Web. And Kristan is doing it without major umbrella sites like Etsy or Ebay. She clicked the open sign on her very own corner of the internet and is ready to welcome book lovers through the door.

As both a traditionalist and a sci-fi and technology fanatic, I cannot stop raving about how beautiful this is.

Kristan Cannon
”When I say books are my life, I mean it,”
On top of opening a bookstore, Kristan is a fellow author, as well as an active board member at KCE Editions, a non-profit cooperative publishing house made by authors for authors. She’s an active voice in the NaNoWriMo community, and the Indie Writer’s Network. She’s a staunch supporter of literacy, reading and young writer’s programs.

“For now my plan is to start with being an online dealer of New, Used and Rare books,” says Kristan about her new store, “to, and from, anywhere there is a trade agreement in place with Canada (I'm Canadian) and get it to support itself.”

Future plans include a bookstore/café storefront in Ontario, Canada, where you can come in an enjoy a nice coffee or tea while perusing the best of Indie publishing and NaNoWriMo masterpieces.

Congratulations on your new store, Kristan. I wish you the very best in your enterprises!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Things That Are Different Now That I'm Past 25:

1. My face is leaner, more angular.

2. I get mistaken for my dad's wife when mom's not with us. (which is a bit more amusing than it is awkward)

3. I keep getting told how cute I am... not sure why that's a thing, but it is. I just go through my day, being myself, and have people proclaim it at random. It’s… endearing? I’m glad that my ‘cuteness’ has brightened their day, but I really don’t have much control over it. It’s rather intrinsic to my being.

4. People draw many more assumptions about my life circumstances now, more judgments. They seems to think I should "settle down" now... as if I've ever been some flighty, wild child wasting away my life. This one bothers me a bit. 
(Note of reference: Does this mean it's now socially acceptable for me to spend all my time with my family and close friends, without being treated like a freak? That I'm able to be settled into my goals and pursuing them? I'm actually allowed to be myself now? What a novel concept ;-p)

5. Guys actually ask me out. Like seriously, excepting one boyfriend who was brave enough to make the approach, this has never really happened until this year. Men stared, drooled, teased me. But they never asked for anything.
I guess I was too baby faced, they worried I was jailbait? Or I've "grown into" my confidence, so it's less daunting? Or maybe I'm not as ferocious and intimidating as I used to be.
I dunno what it is. It's a bit flummoxing, but I think I prefer it. At least I know where I stand with them.

Yes, the world is quite amusing at 26 years old...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let There be Light… And Jacopo birds!

What’s the most difficult part of writing a series? Keeping track of all the whos and whats and wheres!

In writing the second Trivial Venture episode, I’ve been having to write down all my Who, Whats and Wheres so I can keep track as the series grows. You see that list there? That’s just the places visited so far in my writing. And I know for certain we’ll have more very soon…

world building venture

I absolutely adore world building. It’s glorious. You find a character, and drop them in a box with something to eat, something to drink, a toy to play with and a friend or two. Then you shake it all up and see where everything lands!

Well okay, that’s not exactly it. But that is how it feels some times.

My worlds develop organically by following through a thought; I wanted sky pirates.
“Okay, so how exactly does one act piratical in the sky?”
Well, on a flying ship of course.
”Yes, dear. But how does the ship fly?”
Oh. Well, with helium. piped through special sails. (Don’t spring a leak, up there,” Pip called to Harvey. “You’ll be talkin’ silly for hours.”)
”uh huh… And um… How does the ship move forward exactly?”
It has sails, didn’t you hear me? Wind up yonder is pretty intense.

And so on and so forth. (that was me, arguing with myself, by the by. I’m such a lively crowd) It’s an entire tree of thought. I start with a ship, and figure out how it works, I figure out how that affects the societal expectations: How does one dress when flying up where the air’s thin and chilly? Is society different in the sky dwellers than the land dwellers? Since we’re playing on boats and ships, what sort of customs and habits do people have? What’s their hierarchy like, then? Each question allows me to see more and more of the world, until it’s as bright and vibrant and deep as a painting by Edgar Degas.

These are the things I’m working out as I doodle and scribble between bouts of writing.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Adventures In Food-ing

Oh, My Heavens. Darlings. I really must confess something: I’m a bit of a foody.

There is something absolutely transcendant about preparing and eating a beautiful meal.

Since moving back with my parents, we’ve been checking out new food venues, and looking for a local place where we can watch the game (Go Hawks!) and discovered, by a very happy chance a brand new bar and grill that is, to sound corny, a home away from home. And oh darling, the food…

We discovered the venue on the way to the airport one day; it was early, people needed fed before ditching them at SeaTac, and this place was conveniently right up the road and ready to accommodate. And the food was good enough to bring us back.

We found out that this charming little “Mom & Pop” restaurant had actually just changed hands, and was being revamped into something new; A southern/PNW bar and grill.

I know, funky right? I’m a little reticent about bar and grill scenes, they aren’t always my cup of tea, but this one… You know those hokey small town movies where you’ve got the one bar in town that everyone goes to, that’s clean and homey? That’s kinda what this place feels like.

The new menu is a bit wild; they’ve got some classic southern ideas, and a few originals I’ve never heard of (potato chip nachos with BBQ sauce are surprisingly really good). They’ve got burgers and ribs and such standard fair for the less adventurous. This chef definitely has fun.

So yeah. If you’re hanging out in the Tacoma area, you should check out Pacific Southern on Pine. They’re that good.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Loading… Do Not Turn Off Your Device

After taking the plung and upgrading to Windows 10, I feel a lot like I’ve stepped into Zenon: Girls of the 21st Century. Or perhaps Agents of SHIELD… Or any of a million space age movies with smart software and multifaceted user interfaces.

I’m not one to hop on bandwagons but… hot damn, I’m actually impressed. My faith in Microsoft has been rather questionable recently. They’ve made some very poor business decisions that affect me, as the consumer, like putting out substandard products and nickle-and-diming the masses for every adjustment we never wanted to begin with.
BUT, Mr. Microsoft (or Ms. or To Whom It May Concern), I have to salute you.
Windows 10 has plenty of the natural quirks of learning a new program, but not nearly as much glitching or relearning as I had feared. The interface is clean, and similar enough to the old systems to feel comfortable, but with enough newness to keep it interesting and worth the upgrade.
The inclusion of Apps instead of classic software (because yes, they are a bit different) is fascinating… It’s strange to think standard computers are headed that direction, but it makes sense. It’ll take some getting used to though, for those of us who knew the world before smartphones.
Accessing programs and finding things I’m used to using is a bit different… You’ve changed the index a bit. That’ll take me more time to acclimate to. You have been very thorough in your tutorial walk-throughs, however. And the availability of help options, which I greatly appreciate.
… In a broad note about technology, I’m concerned with the push toward touchscreen interfaces. I appreciate the perks of accessibility, and the ability to manipulate what’s on your device with a minimum of tech knowledge. Touch screen technology has opened the market to plenty of marginalized people; those with physical restrictions and those with minimal understanding of technology. And I think that’s superb. It follows the premise of the original internet, which was to make information freely accessible to more people. I love it.
  I also appreciate the frustrations of a system that reacts to the slightest input. Parents of toddlers and people with less dexterity (or simply those with large or blunt=tipped fingers) can attest to how frustrating it is to have the wrong buttons pushed and have to start all over again. At this point in the revolution, I’d be surprised if we went away from the technology now. But I’m still trepidatious.
All in all, Mr./Ms. Microsoft, I am quite pleased with not only your product, but with the grace and class in which you brought it forward. I applaud you for seeing this technology jump for what it is, and for ushering it in with such gentility and care. Nicely done.
P.S. You got bonus points for not glitching my Sticky Notes into the abyss. Silly I know, but I was honestly tickled that they survived the move and were right where I’d left them before the upgrade.
my sticky note
[Conquering the world, one Sticky Note at a time!]

Friday, September 25, 2015

Where Have You Been??

… I just pictured Mrs. Weasely shouting that at me, and have been appropriately taken to task. I am ashamed, Lovelies. Terribly ashamed.
I have moved. AGAIN. This is the fourth time this year and I don’t mind telling you, I’m completely exhausted with this whole living out of boxes thing. It’s quite dull. I will probably have one more move to make before I can settle for a year. But for now, I am at rest. And I will be doing as much work as I can before life decides to toss me about again.
(Side note: When I decided to be a gypsy princess, I didn’t expect to do so much packing up. Apparently, the gypsy part has stuck.)
The translation of Trivial Venture is going well. I’ll make a formal statement about that when it’s closer to the release date.
And I’m making good headway on the sequel, so I shall have that out to you by the December! Things are never easy in the life of a pirate. Ithaca’s finding out just how difficult it is to juggle secrets and schemes. The poor darling…

Rooftops of London is now in print! I will be making an official announcement for that as well, after I get my finished copy. But for those of you who’ve been waiting, you can find it at
I will be receiving my proof copy of A Trivial Venture very soon too, and I will announce when it is available for you to buy. Now to get the Masonry books formatted and sent through…
There is so much affirmation in holding a physical copy of ones’ own book! I have been proud of every step forward, but this is definitely a dream come true.
For the month of October I will be writing and formatting like crazy, so that I’m ready for November, which is shaping up to be a very big month!
November: As we all know, November is National Novel Writing Month! I intend to use the dedication and camaraderie to work on the sequel to “The Rooftops of London” (I’m getting great ideas for that book. I’m quite excited!).
Also, I will be absolutely pleased to introduce to you all a new friend and fellow writer, Catherine Banks. 
Catherine is the author of the Artemis Lupine series, as well as her more recent work, Daughter of Lions (which is on my To-Read list!), and several others.
Catherine is coming out with a new book this winter, and has agreed to stop by our little corner of the world on her book tour! So keep an eye out for that, and if you’d like to know more about her upcoming book, visit the event page here.
Other News: The book tour plans have gotten a bit jumbled in the most recent move, but it is still in the works. Sorry for the delays on that info, Lovelies.
I am in the process of building capital, so I can afford to do more with printing my books and I’m even talking to a few people about merchandise (I’m trying to figure out if we can make replicas of the chicken from Rooftops!) All steps to help me toward a successful book tour next year, and to bring you all more fun ways to participate in my adventures!
In December, along with the release of Trivial Venture 2, I will be making my very first public appearance at a craft fair, in Olympia, WA! I’m all tingly with nerves and thrills.To be going before the public for the first time as an author! Honestly I’m dancing in my chair as I write this.
Phew! It really has been a busy year. Just writing about it has me exhausted and ready for New Years!
Keep up the good fight, Darlings! And have a lovely weekend!

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Test of Bravery

I had yet another raving review of Return to Masonry yesterday. Having just survived a couple of very disheartening weeks, my ego was quite happy with the boost.
Masonry was… an excruciating masterpiece for me.
And I don’t mean, “Oh, I strived and conquered and gave you all something wonderful! Yay me!”
I mean; Masonry was a story that I struggled through, that tested my bravery and my strength, and it gave me so much.
When I started Masonry about seven years ago, it was this amazing concept that sounded so completely stellar… That it fell into a folder and was forgotten for a very long time.
I picked it up again in 2014, and it was a story I was extremely passionate about, I wanted to tell the story of a person who was faced with severe antagonism, someone’s who’s always felt weak and stupid, and I wanted to show that they could overcome it. I wanted to display that struggle for self worth. And so I birthed Alanor, and put her in a horrible situation, and waited for her to realize what she was made of.
During the process of writing this story, I went through a very painful loss: My aunt died. It was one of those sudden, slap in the face, “”We knew she wasn’t doing well, but I just talked to her yesterday and she was alive!” sort of situations, and the grief from that made it very hard to do my job,
It was some months before I was able to sit down and create something. And I found that when I did, my characters ended up working through a lot of the issues of grief and acceptance that I was struggling with.
Between Slate and Alanor, I found this awkward, knee-jerking, stubborn balance of people who were hurting, and refusing to let the world hurt them anymore. They didn’t react “well;” they berated and lashed out. They got impatient and often hurtful toward each other. And it was all the things I was feeling, all the hurt and anger and pain displayed through these two stuning people that were figments of my imagination. And they showed me how to cope, and how not to.
I think the hardest scene for me to write in this whole book was the memorial in the Timberhalls. I started typing away, and was making great progress when I realized: I wasn’t connecting with my characters. More, I was actively refusing to connect with my characters, as they sat through a remembrance of loss and love.
I was so ashamed, and frustrated and… scared. Just plain scared. Oh, how much hurt I would have to embrace to truly show this memorial. Fresh hurt that still left me gasping for air, it hurt so much. God, don’t make me face it, don’t make me…
I ended up rewriting that scene completely. I went back to Alanor walking in with Orin, Desiderata and Slate, and I stopped telling facts and started feeling what they were all feeling.
I honestly cried writing that scene. A lot. And it did hurt. But it was the pain of letting a wound wash itself clean.
Return to Masonry was an excruciating masterpiece. And I’m proud of every small fragment of my heart that it gave me back.

  You can find Return to Masonry at Amazon, B&N, iTunes or Kobo

Monday, September 14, 2015

Truths of an Everyday Princess

I've devoted my life to proving the world wrong.

You can be beautiful, blonde AND intelligent.
You can be sophisticated and able to kick ass.
You can practice science without denying God.
You can be the warrior that prays for peace, Fight dragons without magic, uphold your values without causing harm to someone else.
You can be vulnerable and be strong.
You can last 20+ years without a guy, simply because you're waiting for the right one. And when you find him, you can have happiness and joy with him.
You can bring your passion to life, fulfilling your God given calling. And you can do it without compromising your principles.

I am more than a fairytale. I am more than this world. I am real, and I am here. And with the light of Yahweh God within me, we can prove this world wrong.


[photo credit;]

Monday, August 17, 2015

Poisonous Green Beasts Abound.

Do you know what jealousy is? It’s one of the stupidest emotions in the index. Honestly think about it; where exactly on the scale does it reside? Not with ownership, and not really with want. It’s so very gray.

Jealousy exists with doubt. It exists in that very gray plain of existence when the corporeal world doesn’t match the incorporeal. When the spiritual disagrees with what the physical is showing us. Jealousy exists where there is an unanswered question.

You see, I don’t waste a lot of time on jealousy.


If it’s not mine, there’s no reason to be jealous. I have no claim on it. 

If it is mine, then what exactly do I have to be jealous of? My claim is already affirmed.


I’ve been jealous a lot recently. And I’ve been realizing not only how stupid it is, but that it could all be cleared up by being honest, by asking questions. By understanding what actually is mine, and what isn’t.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mountains of Books!

Aren't used books the best?

They have so much character,  such history.
I got this book of poetry from the library sale, and by all stamps and signatures, it's been in at least three public libraries, two private collections and has travelled from New York (where it was published) across the United States to end up here in the Pacific Northwest. All since at least 1896. This book has gotten around.

Just think of all the hands, all the eyes that have roamed it's pages. How many lovers has it spoken to? How many lonely hearts, reminiscent of days past? This is the legacy I am now a part of, in owning this bit of fabric, paper and thought. It gives me chills!

I picked up a beautiful book today, and fell so in love it's become a part of my soul.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What To Expect From Your Author

This past week couple weeks has brought so much news and excitement to me, that I’ve barely begun to take it all in! I’m feeling exceptionally blessed by the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing them all with you, my Dearest Readers?


With the launch of my new steampunk series (A Trivial Venture) comes even more big news; I’m going on tour! I am still working out the schedule and details, but I will be doing a tour of the West coast in Fall of 2016, and I would love to see you all! I am planning appearances in Washington and California, and if I get enough funding, I will extend it to cover Oregon and even Alaska!

As touring the country is a bit expensive, I will be relying on you, my dear friends and readers, to help me make it happen. I will post more information on how to make that happen next week.


My other very big bit of news is that I will very soon be published in Spanish! I recently connected with a wonderful woman and fellow writer, who is helping me translate ‘A Trivial Venture,’ and I hope to publish the Spanish version of this story before the end of this year.


Trivial Venture final

En Español

Diciembre 2015!


In other news, I am working on “The Trivial Venture, Book Two,” and preparing for National Novel Writing Month, in which I will be starting my sequel to “The Rooftops of London.”

It’s shaping up to be a busy Autumn and Winter, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Trivial Venture; Official Release Announcement

It is with greatest pleasure that I announce the release of A Trivial Venture; book one of a brand new epic of piracy, narrow escapes, dastardly fiends and the price of true love.
Join Captain Ithaca Vain as she navigates the skies of Vashtain, forging her place in a world that isn’t quite what it ought to be.

Trivial Venture final

“It's not easy being a pirate.
Honestly, do you know how much it takes to plan a solid, profitable bounty hunt in mid air? It's hard work.
Not to mention all the other pirates trying to cut in on one's profits...
But Captain Ithaca Vain is determined, and with the help of her motley crew,
there should be no trouble at all.
Well, except for that one tiny thing…”
Sail away via Nook or Kindle

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy 26! The Interview

For my 26th birthday, I decided to do an impromptu interview. (I would have loved to do a contest, but this really was impromptu).
It was fun seeing the variety of questions (as well as a beautiful reference to Monty Python!) and to think on and supply answers for you!
Here is the master list of questions and answers:
1. What is your favorite flower? My favorite flower is the daisy, particularly the little ones that grow on the grass.
2. What was your favorite toy as a child? My favorite toy... Was probably a toss up between my Barbies and my Cabbage Patch baby.
3. Who's your favorite superhero? My favorite superhero is, without a doubt Captain America!
4. What's your favorite TV show? Ooh, favorite tv show... I think it's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. right now. I love Coulsen.
5. Do you like pie or cake? I prefer pie. I'm not a big fan of cake.
6. Do you prefer cats or dogs? I like both pets, but I currently have a big, fluffy golden retriever named Jake.
7. What is your favorite book NOT in your favorite genre? Oooh good question. Hmmm. Probably Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. I don't read a lot of books set in modern times, or many conspiracy/espionage books, but this one impressed me
8. What is the capital of Assyria? This was a trick question! I had to Google it. ;-p And according to the world wide Wikipedia, the original capital was Assur, or Asher. But it also lists Nineveh as a capital and prime city. So now I'm confused. But that's the best I can do at present! Thanks Alan!
9. If you could go anyplace in the world, where would you go? Hmmm... there are so many amazing places in the world. It's hard to narrow down the list. If I had to choose just one, it would probably be New Zealand. I fell in love with the geography in the Lord of the Rings, and I've net several wonderful people from there. I'd love to know it better.
10. Do you prefer warm weather or cold weather? I'm a rebel; I like overcast, moderate days with a brisk breeze.
11. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? My favorite flavor of ice cream is Strawberries and Cream (especially Haagen Daas).
12. What do you do to relax? How I relax... I sleep, lol. Mostly that's what I do. I also love to swim, and when life really has me stressed, I listen to worship music nonstop until the anxiety and frustration pass.
13. Out of all the characters in your books, which one is your favorite so far? Ohh, how can I choose between all my babies?? I'm probably most proud of Alanor, right now. She was a challenge, and she turned out to be a rather beautiful one. However, Ithaca from my newest book holds a lot of my heart and attention at the moment. She's a darling wink emoticon
14. Do you like Lisa Frank? Lisa Frank, the arts company? Yes, they have some pretty fun pieces, though I haven't looked at it in a while. I used to love coloring in the velveteen pictures, because there was no possible way to mess up!
15. How many questions are we allowed to ask? As many as you want really. But I'm only answering the first 26. we're at 15 now!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Today is a good day. I slept in past seven (something I haven’t been able to do in a long while). I dressed at my leisure, took the dog for a walk. I started up my computer before noon, without little people hanging on my arm. I heated up some noodles for breakfast and proceeded to hunker down for a day in the office.

Jake, my dog, is loving our temporary residence/office, because he can sit on my toes while I catch up on correspondence and sort out my projects to tackle. And honestly, I’m excited to be moving forward in a new-ish venture. It’s time for a change in scenery.

However, I cannot pretend that this has been a good transition. There has been much done and said in my environment to make me feel very hurt and misrepresented, by people that I highly respected and held dear. Things have been intoned about my character that I have never, in my admittedly short life, been accused of. And to have such, from those who should know me best, is rather staggering. My heart hurts, and I don’t think that trust can be regained any time soon.

And to add to that heavy burden, I am facing life challenges that I haven’t faced before. Namely; homelessness and true unemployment.

I have been working for room and board for the past three years, and now find myself facing a world that runs on money. I’m armed with a reserved, introverted personality, a stubborn streak a mile wide, and a vocation that needs another two years to actually be able to support me (short of Hollywood deciding I’m worth a million dollars overnight Smile with tongue out)

I have been working myself raw on my writing for two and a half years already, building my little kingdom of words. And I’ve loved every second of it. I look forward to the next two years, and the blessings they bring in.

But in the meantime, I could use a lot of prayer, to figure out how to get by until that beautiful boat comes in.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Official Update!

Trivial Venture #1 is Finito!
I have reached that beautiful moment, that defining statement: The End.
My beta readers are devouring the text as we speak, to inform me of any changes needing made, and then… We move to publication! We are still set for our July release, so keep checking in and looking me up! It’ll be there!
The Tivial Venture
[Trivial Venture, working cover art]

In other news, I have submitted Return to Masonry to release on both iBookstore and Kobo! (it should also come through on GoogleBooks) It should also release this summer, in June. I’ll be sure to post when they officially become live.
In the meantime, I’m working away on Trivial Venture #2 (still looking for a title. Ideas?) as I prepare to move, and gather info to continue the Worthy Endeavors series this November.
That’s the book news this week! Much to you, my dearest Lovelies. I hope your springing is closing out with much peace and joy.

Curious what this Trivial Venture is all about? Read an excerpt Here on DeviantArt!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Nothing Under the Sun

I’ve been thinking much on clichés, because- well, that’s what authors do. We live in fear of that word “cliché” being anywhere near our work.

Life is full of clichés; Dumb blondes, feisty redheads, dopey dogs and sinister cats. Babies who always cry, Little boys rolling in the mud… The gasp of breath before you fall beneath the water, The last hazy thought before you lose consciousness, the vibrant orange of a sunset just as that fiery globe falls to the horizon.

These things are cliché because they always happen (Yes, with a few exceptions. let’s not nitpick). They are commonplace, they don’t stand out because they are expected. And yes, that makes them feel rather dull, if all you’re focusing on is that action, the situation. But that’s not the whole story.

Yes, this girl is blonde, and she happens to be a bit vague in the head. But why is that important? Why is she who she is? Why does it matter to the story? If all you do is throw in a dumb girl and make her blonde, then yeah, you have a problem. You have to make her relevant. Being blonde and dumb doesn’t finish her character, that’s just the start.

So you see, the problem with cliché is that you will always be cliché. It’s unavoidable. As dear King Solomon repeatedly wrote, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Truly, there isn’t. So tell me, who is this vague-headed blonde? Is she someone I’d like? Does she do something impressive, or funny, or tenderhearted? Does she watch a fiery sunset before falling beneath the water, gasping the name of the sinister cat that wronged her??

You see, darlings? Don’t worry about being cliché; worry about whether or not it adds to the moments. Winking smile

Summer night

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

I feel like I’m at the last deep breath before a climax of crazy. About a month and a half from now, I'll be finished with my job as Nanny to two amazing little munsters, and life will explode into a whole new juggling act.
I’ll be moving out, into my first EVER home of my own (with a couple roommates, but still. It’ll be the first time my name is on a lease). I’ll be looking into schools to pursue a new venture (I’m going to become an apothecary! Crazy cool, right?), and the families I have lived, breathed and fought with for the past three years are all going their separate ways to get married or move away, which means my social network will be that much smaller.

I must admit, this is not how I saw this new year going. The blessings of this year have come wrapped in some quixotic packages, along with some things I'm just really not okay with. It makes it very hard to appreciate the good things as they come.

But I have faith that it will all turn out as it should, despite the heartbreaks and backward feelings. I'm trusting that my Yahweh has my back and is leading it all toward a better plateau. The blessings I was promised are pouring in, and I celebrate each one, even as I feel like crying.

I live a very good life, and I have every appreciation of that. I don’t pretend it’s been easy, but It’s been well supported and I’ve always made it through.

I'm thankful for the blessings I've been given up to now, and I look forward to what newness is coming my way.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Poetry Month!

Well My Darlings,

It seems that best laid plans of mice and princesses are indeed doomed. Sigh… Well, now that the drama’s over, on to the main event!

My poetry book is currently on hold. I’ve run into a few technical difficulties. Which is sad, it being poetry month and all.
It is still in the wings, and I have every motive to get it out this year, and I’ll keep you informed as to when precisely that will be.

In the meantime, I’m having a blast on my new adventure, The Trivial Venture. (that felt a bit repetitive; Adventure and venture? hmmm) It’s a wonderful, swashbuckling tale about a determined crew, trying to make their way in the world through… piracy.

“Really, Ithaca: Piracy? What were you thinking?”

I guess we’ll all have to wait for the answer to that question. Winking smile 

In the meantime, You can check out an excerpt from Book One right here.


I should go check in with them. Heaven knows Harvey can’t keep them out of trouble by himself…


Cheers Lovelies!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Day in the Life…

Amongst all the angst and frustration and stress, this has amazingly been a very affirming few weeks! To start it all off, I had my book Return to Masonry reviewed on a blog. Debra Dawn was kind enough to give my book a try and can’t stop telling me how much she enjoyed it. (which I mind so terribly, of course Winking smile)
You should check out Debra’s blog, if you haven’t. She’s an absolute gem, and regularly posts blurbs about books, movies, video games and life. Start with her post Two Book Reviews and a Movie Review. *wink, wink, nudge*

Aside from that, Masonry got it’s first 5 star rating on Amazon, AND 4 stars in it’s first rating on Goodreads (as well as an in depth and thoughtful review. So much fun)!

My mother was talking to me about Masonry the other day too, and admitted she enjoyed it fairly well, but not as much as Rooftops of London.

Oh! Speaking of Rooftops: I just discovered a wonderful of it on Amazon, posted back in January. I’m not sure how I missed it, but I was thrilled to see it there the other day, and haven’t been able to stop grinning about it.

So, between all this great feedback, I’m feeling pretty okay about life, despite it’s many challenges.

Hope you’re having a great month, My Lovelies!

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Call to Arms

I have to admit, Lovelies... Sometimes life isn't lovely. Sometimes it isn't even okay. It gets dirty, and chaotic, and doesn't make sense. Sometimes, we just struggle to get by with whatever we have.

My life this year promises chaos, and a lot of dirt. Some of it for the better, some of it is rather heart twisting. These are things I'm trying to understand and come to terms with.

I don't forward beauty and vulnerability out of ignorance or naivete.
I forward beauty, because it makes the "not okay" a little more bearable, if only for a minute.
I uphold vulnerability, because it's the ultimate test of courage.

To stand before a draconic crowd and still bear your soul, even just a little, is terrifying. But it's even more frightening for the enemies of your soul. They shudder and quake in the face of your open heart, watching you bear it all as they throw knives and spears at the very life of you. And they can't even fathom the strength it takes for you to do so.

So keep being beautiful. Keep being vulnerable. I'll keep being so too, right beside you.

These dragons haven't seen anything yet.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Return to Masonry: Official Release!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me unquantifiable pleasure to announce that Return to Masonry is now available for purchase!
So much love and work has gone into this story, and I hope you enjoy Alanor’s adventures as she figures out who she is, and how she can affect her world.

A major thank you goes out to E.J. and bootpot Studios for her amazing cover art (check out more at ).
And many thanks to you, my Lovely Readers, for your feedback and support! It makes my work so fulfilling to hear what you truly think of my stories, and to have you following my works. Thank you, and God bless!

Return to Masonry
Pick up Return to Masonry for

Monday, February 2, 2015

Why, Lady, Why?

I’ve been working with my amazing beta readers the last few weeks, getting Return to Masonry polished and pristine for it’s release (two more weeks! Can you believe it??) And one of them asked me my absolute favorite question in the world: What inspired this story?

Honestly, I love questions like these. I put so much thought into the characters and the trials they face, that it tickles my heart and I get completely giddy when someone sees enough to ask for more.
SO, I wanted to share with you all the answer to that very loaded and complex question.

The characters of Return to Masonry are based on some very real people I’ve met.
Since high school, I’ve noticed how many broken people live in this universe. People who’ve been abused, people who’ve lived through something tragic, People that carry burdens so heavy you wouldn’t think they’d be able to stand up every day.

I have a friends who represent all these different types of brokenness, and I’ve met more in passing that bear those similar scars. And it makes my heart bleed seeing people full of so much potential feeling like they’re stuck where they are, and just trying to get from day to day.

But even more, I’m daily impressed by the strength and fortitude so many of them have. I’ve seen them come through astounding experiences. I’ve seen them stand up under tremendous loads and ask for more. I’ve seen them pick themselves up again and again, no matter what life throws at them. I wrote Masonry to honor those people; the scarred, the broken and the struggling.

    Alanor is someone who has been taught to settled for a life far less than she really deserves. She’s managed to drift through life expecting very little for herself, and in one instance is thrown into a world of extreme possibilities. She meets other people- broken, grieving, in pain- and is quite flummoxed by how all of them bear those burdens. And she’s faced continually with opportunities to change her own way of dealing with life.

I wrote Masonry to help show that you can be bigger than your circumstances. And that even when you are stuck with scars emotional or physical, you don’t have to let them define you. This story is simply about broken people, dealing with grief, fear, self doubt, self loathing, ignorance, etc.

    As for the setting, I had a lot of fun building the world of Basal, where Masonry takes place. I played with the scientific premise of adaptation and how a person’s environment can affect how they interact with the world, and I guess it just exploded from there!

Thank you so much to my team of beta readers, for helping me tell this story. Many thanks to bootpot Studios ( without whose brilliant concept and cover art I would have never seen how my characters came to life!

And of course, thank you to my Lovely, darling, amazing and wonderful readers, without whom, I would not be able to do what I do.


Return to Masonry

Coming February 14th

Want more? Grab Masonry: Tales and Lore of the Old Kingdom at Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year Goals!


Oh my lovely Darlings… Return to Masonry is DONE!

*Happy Dancing around the room!*

(Happy New Year, by the by. I hope you all had a marvelous holiday.)

With the start of this new year comes a million new opportunities, and I can’t wait to share them with you! So many great plans for this year, but here are the highlights to look for from me:

- SPRING: I will be releasing Return to Masonry on Valentine’s Day!
I’m sending Masonry out to my darling beta readers this week, and will have everything lined up for my February release! I’m so excited to share this with you, I can’t even express it. It will come out for both Nook and Kindle at this time.

- SUMMER: I will be releasing a book of poetry
I have a folder full of poetry that I want to show you. I’ll be picking an assortment to release in ebook format, hopefully by early July.

- SUMMER/FALL: I’ll be working on The Trivial Venture; A swashbuckling Steampunk adventure, following the exploits of Capt. Ithaca Vain and her crew as they take to the skies and wreak havoc on the Imperial economy, all while trying to fit in with the scurvy pirates of the freight lanes. It’ll be a lot of fun, and will hopefully be ready for publishing by Christmas/

- WINTER: In November, I’ll be working on the sequel to The Rooftops of London! No title yet, but we’ll be picking up with Joss, Lenora and company to see what sort of mischief they can stir up. I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but there just might be an addition to our little party in London…

ALSO, sometime in here, I will be putting Rooftops of London out in print! I’m still researching options, but it will be available in paperback! I’m super jazzed to get that finished.


That’s the skinny, Lovelies! So many big moves this year, so much change, but ALL the plans so far are fantastic, and moving in the right direction!

Cheers to a great year! Lots of Joy and Goodness to you and yours.