Today is a good day. I slept in past seven (something I haven’t been able to do in a long while). I dressed at my leisure, took the dog for a walk. I started up my computer before noon, without little people hanging on my arm. I heated up some noodles for breakfast and proceeded to hunker down for a day in the office.

Jake, my dog, is loving our temporary residence/office, because he can sit on my toes while I catch up on correspondence and sort out my projects to tackle. And honestly, I’m excited to be moving forward in a new-ish venture. It’s time for a change in scenery.

However, I cannot pretend that this has been a good transition. There has been much done and said in my environment to make me feel very hurt and misrepresented, by people that I highly respected and held dear. Things have been intoned about my character that I have never, in my admittedly short life, been accused of. And to have such, from those who should know me best, is rather staggering. My heart hurts, and I don’t think that trust can be regained any time soon.

And to add to that heavy burden, I am facing life challenges that I haven’t faced before. Namely; homelessness and true unemployment.

I have been working for room and board for the past three years, and now find myself facing a world that runs on money. I’m armed with a reserved, introverted personality, a stubborn streak a mile wide, and a vocation that needs another two years to actually be able to support me (short of Hollywood deciding I’m worth a million dollars overnight Smile with tongue out)

I have been working myself raw on my writing for two and a half years already, building my little kingdom of words. And I’ve loved every second of it. I look forward to the next two years, and the blessings they bring in.

But in the meantime, I could use a lot of prayer, to figure out how to get by until that beautiful boat comes in.