A Call to Arms

I have to admit, Lovelies... Sometimes life isn't lovely. Sometimes it isn't even okay. It gets dirty, and chaotic, and doesn't make sense. Sometimes, we just struggle to get by with whatever we have.

My life this year promises chaos, and a lot of dirt. Some of it for the better, some of it is rather heart twisting. These are things I'm trying to understand and come to terms with.

I don't forward beauty and vulnerability out of ignorance or naivete.
I forward beauty, because it makes the "not okay" a little more bearable, if only for a minute.
I uphold vulnerability, because it's the ultimate test of courage.

To stand before a draconic crowd and still bear your soul, even just a little, is terrifying. But it's even more frightening for the enemies of your soul. They shudder and quake in the face of your open heart, watching you bear it all as they throw knives and spears at the very life of you. And they can't even fathom the strength it takes for you to do so.

So keep being beautiful. Keep being vulnerable. I'll keep being so too, right beside you.

These dragons haven't seen anything yet.