Things That Are Different Now That I'm Past 25:

1. My face is leaner, more angular.

2. I get mistaken for my dad's wife when mom's not with us. (which is a bit more amusing than it is awkward)

3. I keep getting told how cute I am... not sure why that's a thing, but it is. I just go through my day, being myself, and have people proclaim it at random. It’s… endearing? I’m glad that my ‘cuteness’ has brightened their day, but I really don’t have much control over it. It’s rather intrinsic to my being.

4. People draw many more assumptions about my life circumstances now, more judgments. They seems to think I should "settle down" now... as if I've ever been some flighty, wild child wasting away my life. This one bothers me a bit. 
(Note of reference: Does this mean it's now socially acceptable for me to spend all my time with my family and close friends, without being treated like a freak? That I'm able to be settled into my goals and pursuing them? I'm actually allowed to be myself now? What a novel concept ;-p)

5. Guys actually ask me out. Like seriously, excepting one boyfriend who was brave enough to make the approach, this has never really happened until this year. Men stared, drooled, teased me. But they never asked for anything.
I guess I was too baby faced, they worried I was jailbait? Or I've "grown into" my confidence, so it's less daunting? Or maybe I'm not as ferocious and intimidating as I used to be.
I dunno what it is. It's a bit flummoxing, but I think I prefer it. At least I know where I stand with them.

Yes, the world is quite amusing at 26 years old...