Adventures In Food-ing

Oh, My Heavens. Darlings. I really must confess something: I’m a bit of a foody.

There is something absolutely transcendant about preparing and eating a beautiful meal.

Since moving back with my parents, we’ve been checking out new food venues, and looking for a local place where we can watch the game (Go Hawks!) and discovered, by a very happy chance a brand new bar and grill that is, to sound corny, a home away from home. And oh darling, the food…

We discovered the venue on the way to the airport one day; it was early, people needed fed before ditching them at SeaTac, and this place was conveniently right up the road and ready to accommodate. And the food was good enough to bring us back.

We found out that this charming little “Mom & Pop” restaurant had actually just changed hands, and was being revamped into something new; A southern/PNW bar and grill.

I know, funky right? I’m a little reticent about bar and grill scenes, they aren’t always my cup of tea, but this one… You know those hokey small town movies where you’ve got the one bar in town that everyone goes to, that’s clean and homey? That’s kinda what this place feels like.

The new menu is a bit wild; they’ve got some classic southern ideas, and a few originals I’ve never heard of (potato chip nachos with BBQ sauce are surprisingly really good). They’ve got burgers and ribs and such standard fair for the less adventurous. This chef definitely has fun.

So yeah. If you’re hanging out in the Tacoma area, you should check out Pacific Southern on Pine. They’re that good.