Official Update!

Trivial Venture #1 is Finito!
I have reached that beautiful moment, that defining statement: The End.
My beta readers are devouring the text as we speak, to inform me of any changes needing made, and then… We move to publication! We are still set for our July release, so keep checking in and looking me up! It’ll be there!
The Tivial Venture
[Trivial Venture, working cover art]

In other news, I have submitted Return to Masonry to release on both iBookstore and Kobo! (it should also come through on GoogleBooks) It should also release this summer, in June. I’ll be sure to post when they officially become live.
In the meantime, I’m working away on Trivial Venture #2 (still looking for a title. Ideas?) as I prepare to move, and gather info to continue the Worthy Endeavors series this November.
That’s the book news this week! Much to you, my dearest Lovelies. I hope your springing is closing out with much peace and joy.

Curious what this Trivial Venture is all about? Read an excerpt Here on DeviantArt!