Truths of an Everyday Princess

I've devoted my life to proving the world wrong.

You can be beautiful, blonde AND intelligent.
You can be sophisticated and able to kick ass.
You can practice science without denying God.
You can be the warrior that prays for peace, Fight dragons without magic, uphold your values without causing harm to someone else.
You can be vulnerable and be strong.
You can last 20+ years without a guy, simply because you're waiting for the right one. And when you find him, you can have happiness and joy with him.
You can bring your passion to life, fulfilling your God given calling. And you can do it without compromising your principles.

I am more than a fairytale. I am more than this world. I am real, and I am here. And with the light of Yahweh God within me, we can prove this world wrong.


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