Where Have You Been??

… I just pictured Mrs. Weasely shouting that at me, and have been appropriately taken to task. I am ashamed, Lovelies. Terribly ashamed.
I have moved. AGAIN. This is the fourth time this year and I don’t mind telling you, I’m completely exhausted with this whole living out of boxes thing. It’s quite dull. I will probably have one more move to make before I can settle for a year. But for now, I am at rest. And I will be doing as much work as I can before life decides to toss me about again.
(Side note: When I decided to be a gypsy princess, I didn’t expect to do so much packing up. Apparently, the gypsy part has stuck.)
The translation of Trivial Venture is going well. I’ll make a formal statement about that when it’s closer to the release date.
And I’m making good headway on the sequel, so I shall have that out to you by the December! Things are never easy in the life of a pirate. Ithaca’s finding out just how difficult it is to juggle secrets and schemes. The poor darling…

Rooftops of London is now in print! I will be making an official announcement for that as well, after I get my finished copy. But for those of you who’ve been waiting, you can find it at www.lulu.com.
I will be receiving my proof copy of A Trivial Venture very soon too, and I will announce when it is available for you to buy. Now to get the Masonry books formatted and sent through…
There is so much affirmation in holding a physical copy of ones’ own book! I have been proud of every step forward, but this is definitely a dream come true.
For the month of October I will be writing and formatting like crazy, so that I’m ready for November, which is shaping up to be a very big month!
November: As we all know, November is National Novel Writing Month! I intend to use the dedication and camaraderie to work on the sequel to “The Rooftops of London” (I’m getting great ideas for that book. I’m quite excited!).
Also, I will be absolutely pleased to introduce to you all a new friend and fellow writer, Catherine Banks. 
Catherine is the author of the Artemis Lupine series, as well as her more recent work, Daughter of Lions (which is on my To-Read list!), and several others.
Catherine is coming out with a new book this winter, and has agreed to stop by our little corner of the world on her book tour! So keep an eye out for that, and if you’d like to know more about her upcoming book, visit the event page here.
Other News: The book tour plans have gotten a bit jumbled in the most recent move, but it is still in the works. Sorry for the delays on that info, Lovelies.
I am in the process of building capital, so I can afford to do more with printing my books and I’m even talking to a few people about merchandise (I’m trying to figure out if we can make replicas of the chicken from Rooftops!) All steps to help me toward a successful book tour next year, and to bring you all more fun ways to participate in my adventures!
In December, along with the release of Trivial Venture 2, I will be making my very first public appearance at a craft fair, in Olympia, WA! I’m all tingly with nerves and thrills.To be going before the public for the first time as an author! Honestly I’m dancing in my chair as I write this.
Phew! It really has been a busy year. Just writing about it has me exhausted and ready for New Years!
Keep up the good fight, Darlings! And have a lovely weekend!