A Day in the Life…

Amongst all the angst and frustration and stress, this has amazingly been a very affirming few weeks! To start it all off, I had my book Return to Masonry reviewed on a blog. Debra Dawn was kind enough to give my book a try and can’t stop telling me how much she enjoyed it. (which I mind so terribly, of course Winking smile)
You should check out Debra’s blog, if you haven’t. She’s an absolute gem, and regularly posts blurbs about books, movies, video games and life. Start with her post Two Book Reviews and a Movie Review. *wink, wink, nudge*

Aside from that, Masonry got it’s first 5 star rating on Amazon, AND 4 stars in it’s first rating on Goodreads (as well as an in depth and thoughtful review. So much fun)!

My mother was talking to me about Masonry the other day too, and admitted she enjoyed it fairly well, but not as much as Rooftops of London.

Oh! Speaking of Rooftops: I just discovered a wonderful of it on Amazon, posted back in January. I’m not sure how I missed it, but I was thrilled to see it there the other day, and haven’t been able to stop grinning about it.

So, between all this great feedback, I’m feeling pretty okay about life, despite it’s many challenges.

Hope you’re having a great month, My Lovelies!