Poisonous Green Beasts Abound.

Do you know what jealousy is? It’s one of the stupidest emotions in the index. Honestly think about it; where exactly on the scale does it reside? Not with ownership, and not really with want. It’s so very gray.

Jealousy exists with doubt. It exists in that very gray plain of existence when the corporeal world doesn’t match the incorporeal. When the spiritual disagrees with what the physical is showing us. Jealousy exists where there is an unanswered question.

You see, I don’t waste a lot of time on jealousy.


If it’s not mine, there’s no reason to be jealous. I have no claim on it. 

If it is mine, then what exactly do I have to be jealous of? My claim is already affirmed.


I’ve been jealous a lot recently. And I’ve been realizing not only how stupid it is, but that it could all be cleared up by being honest, by asking questions. By understanding what actually is mine, and what isn’t.