Week 4! Introducing A.M. Nestler!

Welcome, Ashley, to my little Kingdom. I'm so please to introduce you to my darling readers.

Tell me now; who are you?
My name is Ashley Nestler, and I am a business owner as well a published author.

It's a pleasure to know you. What is it that you write?
I write in just about every genre, but currently I have books published in YA Dystopian, and Epic Fantasty/Historical Fiction with a Contemporary Literary Fiction due for release soon.

So tell me a bit about yourself; What else do you like to do?
I am a huge crafter, so I love crocheting, sewing, and making just about anything with my hands. I also am working constantly on my book subscription business, Go Indie Now!

Yes, I've heard of Go Indie Now! I love the idea of bibliotherapy. I've found a lot of healing through both writing and reading myself. I'm excited to find someone who found a way to bring that to others as well!

In your own writing, what is your favorite way to story build and brainstorm?
Honestly, I let the stories come to me. I have never sat down and brainstormed for writing. I make it up as I go, and I find that that is the most effective way for me to work. This is why I am an active participant in NaNoWriMo because I am able to write as I go. All of my currently published works were originally finished during NaNoWriMo.

Ahh, so a very organic and natural method. More discovering the story than planning. I understand.
What was the best feedback you've ever gotten from a reader?
The best feedback I have ever gotten from a reader, was how they loved how many metaphors and descriptors I use. They said that my writing reads like art, and I loved hearing that, because I do try to make my writing poetic. I try to change the perspective of the reader so that they can see what I see.

That is wonderful! Eloquence in writing can be quite rare. (I think we, as authors, over think it sometimes). Artistry in words is really a beautiful thing!
Tell me more about your writing: What was your first published work?
My first ever published work was “Beautiful Nightmare: Some Dreams Become Your Reality”. It was published when I was nineteen, and officially released during my last month of high school.

That's very impressive, congratulations. The premise of Beautiful Nightmare is very interesting; It's based on a future society that shuns emotion? I imagine that creates interesting turmoil and and circumstances for you characters to work through. I'll have to read more of it, but it sounds like a fascinating study.

Do you have a favorite project so far? What makes it so?
My favorite project so far is my third novel that is to be released soon. I was able to play with many different perspectives with this novel, while also discussing a controversial topic. It will be my first published contemporary literary fiction, and will be anonymous due to the sensitive subject matter.

Intriguing... You have my curiosity now! I'll keep an eye out for that. With that in mind: What's next on your agenda? What can we look forward to in the coming year?
I have a lot coming up in the coming year. This August I will be releasing a special edition of “Beautiful Nightmare” with an updated story, fanart, character profiles, and other bonus content. My third novel, “Behind Broken Glass Walls”, is also set to release next spring, along with a special edition version of “Into The Fog”. The sequel to “Into The Fog” will also be coming out next summer.

How exciting! I have yet to do a special edition. Tell us about Into the fog; what's that one about?
Yes, it is a novel about 16th century England and surrounds a woman named Darielle who loses her fiance, Prince Tarum, to Murder. His murder changes her whole life, and forces her to fall in with a group of outsiders who turn out not to be humans at all. "Into The Fog" involves ghosts and other monsters, and challenges the concept of death. 
You write on such exceptional and deep themes. It makes me excited to read where they take you.

Why did you decide to write and publish?
I write because it is a part of my soul. I don’t write for anyone else, but for myself. I am published because I want to spread my vision to the rest of the world.

What do you think is your driving force behind your writing? What keeps you going?
What keeps me going with my writing is knowing that if I don’t write, I will be missing a huge part of my life. Writing is therapy for me, and I always feel better when I write and connect with my characters. My characters are like my children, and I could never abandon them.

The mother of all questions: Tell us about a favorite book?
My favorite book is The Pact by Jodi Picoult. It is a beautifully haunting tale about a young girl who commits suicide. However, they think that her boyfriend killed her because she was pregnant and he was with her when she committed suicide. It is a must read! Picoult is a master of the human experience.

Fantastic! I'll have to look that one up. Well Ashley, thank you very much for visiting. I feel I've learned a lot about you! It's been a true pleasure.

Lovelies, You can find more about Ashley Nestler on Here on Amazon, as well as her own Blog and Book Review headquarters: www.peachykeenbookreviews.wordpress.com