Climbing ladders

It's exhilarating to see life goals realized with your own eyes.

When I set out to make a career in writing stories, I did so with a clear plan of what I wanted to accomplish in the first 5 years. In the first 5 years, I wanted:
  • to publish 6 books.
  • I aimed to have a readership of at least 30 people who actively participated on my sites and read my books.
  • I wanted to host two Q&A sessions with my readers, and
  • I wanted to develop myself into a positive anchor in my community.
With life being the rollercoaster it is, I've had to cross many goals off in red, unfinished as their deadlines passed me by. But despite all that red ink, I can honestly say that I have progressed. Though not exactly as planned, I have hit many major milestones.

2016 is my fourth year in business, and I am beaming with pride to say that I have published my 6th book!

A Risky Gamble is more than just the continuation of a series (My first official sequel), it is a banner moment in reaching my goals. And you can help me reach the rest.

In two days I will be hosting an official launch party for A Risky Gamble, via Facebook. It's an online party, so you may participate from home. You can sign in for an hour here, or twenty minutes there. BUT: There will be 2 major opportunities to speak with me during Q & A interactive sessions! One of those sessions is a fbLive coffee date, where you will actually get to see my smiling face!

What I need from you:

- Log into the event and say you'll attend ( Click here to reach event)

- Tell your friends about me and my books, and share this party with them. I'm still short of my 30 reader goal, and I'd love to meet new people!

- Participate! Share a post about your favorite characters or moments. If you haven't read venture yet, ask me about it. Ask me about all my books!

- Stop by the Q&A or the fbLive session and say hello, ask a question, give me a thumbs up!

You all have given me the motivation to continue in this course, even when the going got tough, and you matter to me, beyond expression. Help me keep going! I'll have to make some new goals soon!

You can pick up a copy of A Risky Gamble on Amazon, Nook, and all other major retailers.