Rant Against the Paper!

Grrrr... College is bogus. You spend 4 years of your life chasing that stupid little paper just so people will consider you smart. Until you get that shiny, EXPENSIVE paper, you spend your time taking courses you couldn't care less about, being told by people "smarter" then you (major sarcasm here) that this is what you should think and why this is the only way to think and if you don't think so- well it's ok, you don't have your shiny piece of paper yet, so you just don't know any better. (I'll endeavor not to rabbit trail on that hypocrisy, but no promises)
So you take all the crap classes they tell you- classes meant to "broaden your perspective" and make you a more rounded individual (which, I might add, is incredibly ludicrous; people tend to have diverse interests anyway. Let them pursue their own interests and count that toward their diversity requirements).
So you finish the required propaganda, and even manage to get some good classes in as well, and you manage to get the stupid, bloodsucking piece of paper. What exactly have you accomplished? What- aside from everyday life experience, massive debt and a bunch of useless information you'll never remember- have you gained? Where, in the grand scheme of life, does it matter? Riddle me that, Batman.
This whole hierarchy of education is insane. Why do I have to have a degree in order to have a good idea? You all spout the slogan, "Inspiration an Ideas come from anywhere!" But how many of you actually follow through on that philosophy?
I am a strong supporter of people bettering themselves. It is how we grow, how we gain wisdom and knowledge. And I have no problem with encouraging people to step outside their comfort zone in order to look at life from a new perspective. But when the push to MAKE people better themselves creates this idiotic cycle of snobbery, and forces us to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just so we can "amount to something," I have to rail against the system.