To my Brothers and Sisters

I must as you a question, to be pondered for yourself. Not for my benefit, but for your own.

When did God say Sabbath was changed? When did God decide to move his holy day from Saturday to Sunday?

I am not asking about what Constantine and the Council of Nicaea decided. I know the history of 'the church,; of what human men decided to standardize. This does not concern me.

I am concerned solely with what Yahweh said. I remember no verse in the new testament where he said the day was changed.

I want you to think about this. Pray about it, research it in the bible. I want you to find the truth, Christians. For yourselves. Not from me, but from God. My hope is that you grow in your relationship with him, that you get to know him better, and love him all the more for who he is.

Peace, and God's Blessings. :-)