Boycott of 'Early Bird' Society!

Where is it written that EVERYONE must wake up early? Why is life wrapped around the whole 'rise with the sun' mentality?
You notice how nearly every 'real, serious' job is set up to start somewhere between 5-7am? It's insanity! On behalf of Night Owls everywhere, I oppose this craziness!
It's a massive preconception that waking up late is indicative of being lazy and unmotivated. What is so lazy about wanting to start your day at a reasonable hour? Some of us literally feel physically ill when we get up in the early morning. Achy, loss of appetite, urge to vomit- what part of that sounds enticing?
Not to mention the entire impracticality of trying to dress for the day; You bundle up all snug, because it's freezing when you get up. then half way through the day you're roasting because- what do you know- the forecast was for 80 degrees and sunshine.
Who on Earth let the Early Birds rule society? Who gave them leave to dictate to the rest of us about our sleep schedule?
It's madness I tell you!