Clean Music...?

Ive been thinking about country music recently. I don't know how it is with you, but I grew up thinking that as far as secular music goes, it wasn't so bad. I mean, they sing about God, and going to church and all that. Not like that rap music;-p. "yo, yo, yo, your my ho, ho, ho!" seems to be the basic gist of most rap and hip hop songs Ive heard, and- to put it incredibly softly- that's really not my cup of tea.

But anyway, I was listening to country the other day and thinking of the different songs Id heard, and realized; wow, country really isn't all that clean. I know, not really a shocker when you think about it, but give me some slack. All my baptist relatives listen to it, I thought it was ok.
But come on; "Save a horse, ride a cowboy," "Beer for my horses," "Not as good as I once was," "Get your game on"? yeah, not really setting a high standard. it's really sad that a beautiful song like "what I love about Sundays" is followed by Toby Keith's latest har-de-har-har 'bad boy' song. (and while we're on the subject, Toby; you need a new innuendo, love. "You know what I mean"? Yes, we all know what you mean. You say it in nearly every song. lol I bet you could copyright it, and make as much money on that as the NFL does on the 'football championship' [... but please don't!]) Ohh, don't feel too bad, Toby, you're not all bad. You've come out with a bunch of really good stuff too. "Rock you baby" is most definitely one of my favorites.

But seriously, Y'all, you claim to be God-fearing, honest, Down to earth average folks (average folks who all make hundreds of thousands to million of dollars a year, I might add), but your songs don't exactly reflect that. I mean, lets see... the medley of all your works would goes something like, "God Bess America/ Hey check out her bedonkey donk/ lets buy her a drink/ then/ call up the preacher/ now lets break out the beer/ for my horses/ and poker Saturday night, church on Sunday mornin'... you know what I mean?"

I don't know, maybe I have a... traditional view of what country is. ya'know, I'm used to Randy Travis, George Straight, Faith and Tim. But I'm sure it's just me. I guess I have some rethinking to do. Cant imagine what I was thinking, expecting more then there is.