Smoking or Non-Smoking?

Listen to this: To provide their daughter with cool, fresh air, two parents regularly open the bedroom window. But what is that smell? Smoke?
Looking over the fence, they see the neighbor, out enjoying the weather from his back deck and smoking a cigarette. The parents are upset; the good clean air smells funny.
Instead of just closing the window and waiting until later to air the room, they march across the yard to the neighbors' house- and ask him to please not smoke in his own yard because they can smell it.
Ignoring the simple solution of closing the window, and the daughter not showing any adverse affects, and that the man was on his own property, perfectly in his legal rights to enjoy a cigarette- How dare he? Assaulting a poor, upright family's nostrils with that foul stench.
While concern over their daughters wellbeing is far more than noteworthy, it remains a fact that they were out of line. The man is practicing a completely legal habit. He was on his own property.
But the story does not end there.
The man goes to find work. When applying for a job, he is asked to submit not only to tests for illegal drugs, but also to be tested for nicotine. A completely legal substance.
He finally manages to procure a job, despite his habit, and he cannot smoke in the building- or within 50 feet of it, or in the covered seating area nearby.
No, he must go instead to the parking lot, or the 'smoking area'- a bench with a smoking outpost, soaked from the morning rain.
After work, He goes to his favorite bar, walks through the door and sees the new sign on the wall: "no smoking."
What is next folks? Caffeine?
"Excuse me, could you not drink your coffee out here? I have to walk by and I can smell it, and I don't wanna stunt my growth."
(and no, for the record; I personally dont smoke. But I am annoyed and slightly disgusted by the current trend of treating people like crap just because they do)