Attack of the Bleeding Hearts!

Why do people insist on making things bigger then they are? What exactly is the draw? I mean, I admit; I have on occasion over dramatized events in order to be funny, to be sarcastic or silly. But, as a rule, I see no point in being melodramatic about life events. the drama does not help the situation, most often it makes things worse for everyone involved.

You crash your car; “Oh my God! Are you dying?? Are they taking you to the hospital? How could this have happened to you?! You’re going to be traumatized!”
The Doctor tells you that you have a growth; “They’re going to cut you open! they’ll rip it out of you and you’ll have to be on medication for the rest of your life!
Your kid has to go stay in the hospital for a few days, because the doctors are concerned; “Are they blaming you? They’re going to take your child away! They’re going to hook him on all these tubes and machines and you wont get to be near him! Oh the humanity!!”
a super hot guy hold the door for you and smiles: “OHMYGAWD! He’s Sooo totally your soul-mate, he’s a major hunk and he SMILED at you! That MUST mean he’s into you and like, once he asks you out, you’ll be like, inseparable for life!”

Whom does this help? If I was dying, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. It happened to me because- let’s face it, shit happens. Life sucks that way sometimes. And Attraction does not, in itself, make a relationship. Making a big deal about things like polite flirtation and friendliness only serves to muck up a part of life that is already murky!
Telling me all the things that MIGHT happen won’t help me understand what’s going on, especially if you don’t know anymore than I’ve told you. Extrapolating about the repercussions and follow-up only serves to freak out the individuals who have to deal with it, and make their lives that much harder.
And sure; it will stick in my head and will shape my life, and it may make me afraid to do things, either long or short term. But the key to living a full life isn’t what happens to you, it’s what you do with the events when they do arrive.

So next time someone tells you about something that has happened, take a deep breath, listen, and stick with the facts. They’re already worried about all the possibilities. All they need from you is to know that you’ll be there when they need you.