Recalculating Route…

I may have mentioned it before, but if you don’t know; I’m a writer. (Yes, I know, self evident. Work with me) I’ve been intent upon a career as an author since… probably junior year of high school. I have always loved writing; I love telling stories, sharing thoughts and learning new things. My brain jumps to new and exciting universes at a rate faster than my fingers can take down. This is, quite simply, what I was created for. I love it!

It has taken me a few years of hemming and hawing and getting distracted, but I have finally reached the point of personal desperation and resolve wherein I have decided to ACTIVELY pursue this career full time.
So, “Yay!” for starters. I’m excited to be set on this path and have been building my network and finding habits and tricks that will allow me to produce excellent works that I can share. I have, however, come to some realizations of how this decision has- and will continue to- affected my daily life.

It really is quite funny what parts of my life are affected. It’s a strange amalgam of increased personal responsibility and decreased independence. I’ve spent the last two years in a 9 to 5 job, making money “like a grown-up” and having a set expectation to adhere to. I could pay my own bills, buy my own cell phone- Order my own pizza! All without the need to ask for help or plan around someone else.

As it stands now, I’m living in my brother’s garage, I need help from my parents to keep my phone from shutting off, and I’m writing in between freelance gigs and watching my nephews and nieces (an awesome way to pay rent, if you’re weird like me and enjoy the craziness of 4 kids). I mean, this isn’t exactly how my five year plan had been lined out, yaknow? I was gonna save up to have something to live on, find a steady SOMETHING to keep me floating, then shock the world with my AMAZING pros and awe-inspiring plot lines! (dream big, baby!)

I’m not complaining in the least; I’ve got it pretty much golden where I’m at. I mean, how many people get to play Legos and have nap time at their day jobs? But it wasn't part of my itinerary before. I’ve had to re-plot (haha) my life and wrap my brain around a new route to my destination.

It’s just fascinating. I’m not too worried. I’m stubborn enough to make it, and I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing emotional (and financial;-p) support system. I SHALL prevail!

So I’m gonna rock this starving artist stage.

Winking smile