“And there still will be rain on that plain….”

I have really tried, especially in recent years, to steer clear of politics. The issues are too hot, the arguments are too exhausting and the whole endeavor is, by and large, futile.

The recent race has brought to light some ugly things- ridiculous things, to be quite frank- that SOMEONE needs to speak out against, however. And since I see damn few people sitting in the middle of this teeter totter, I guess I’ll fill part of the void.

No one is leaving the country over this years’ race. Wanna know why? Because, quite honestly, this whole presidential election was pretty damn near being a bust.

Neither leading candidate said anything extraordinary in order to win votes. I listened to and watched the debates between President Obama and Governor Romney; the entire time allotments were wasted on “he said/ I said” titterings. When asked a very specific question, the candidates wasted precious energy and minutes down-talking the competitor and- when lucky- addressed the question in the last 15 seconds of the segment.

President Obama maintained that he was doing what was best for the country, and that he had delivered on all his promises- though cited very few articles of record to back up his claim.

Governor Romney cited occasional statistics against the presidents claims, and asserted that he would ‘do better,’ but gave very little information on exactly HOW he would do so.

The plain and simple fact of the matter is; Neither gentleman deserved to win over the other. So- while I would encourage people to put more critical thought into their decisions- I can understand the fact that the majority of the public voted for the known quantity, over a new and untested option. Why shift the tides to an equally dismal one when you don’t have to, right?

So, long story short: At the end of the day, the elections really don’t mean anything down here on the bottom. All that matters is us, the people, doing what we can to make up the difference between what we need and where the government can’t help. All that matters is you, doing your part, to make the world a better place.

I promise, the world will eventually come to an end whether or whether not Mr. __________ is president.

God Bless America. (And every place else… Just in case ya’ll felt left out. I’m not stingy)