Never Forgotten

I am not one to dwell and wallow in pain.So understand that writing this is pretty difficult for me.

I do not ignore it, and I most definitely don’t forget the heartache. Grief leaves a mark that never goes away. It becomes part of your soul, and you learn to accept and live with it.

I have lived through my own heartache and grief. I have witnessed and helped my loved ones do the same. And I have mourned the national and global horrors without shame.

There is a time to mourn; Grieve the losses and the scars. There is also a time to rise up and keeping moving.

On this day of remembering, I encourage us to respect those who are still grieving, in whatever way they have to. Show them love and patience and strength.

Today is a day to stand together, in silence. Today is a day to bear the scars openly, without shame, so we can honor the fallen in our shared pain.

Tomorrow, we will breath again: Show respect for ourselves by continuing on, one minute at a time.

But for this minute, be there for someone. Share your scars, and let them share theirs.

In honor and memory of those harmed by the events of 9-11-01.