Whither Wilt Thou Go, Oh Wandering Heart?

Making my own coffee is usually a crapshoot. But every so often I manage to create the most glorious balance of cream and coffee, and it makes the world a sublime and beautiful place...
So, I've been realizing recently that I have a poetic heart. I don't say this to sound artsy or cool- on the contrary, it's kind of a nuisance.

I address people, thinking I'm speaking plainly, and they roll their eyes as if I'm trying too hard or being silly.
"No, I honestly mean my heart bleeds for you."
I dont know a better way to describe what I'm feeling. I'm not just sad or sympathetic; it hurts me that you are hurting. Hence,  my heart bleeds.
I could just say, "man, that's a bummer," but that doesn't convey my feeling.

Ah well. I really put too high a premium on communication anyway.