Coming in February!

After a year of promising you poetry, I have finally compiled a worthy collection!

Truly, there were so many different directions I considered, but this final concept is one that’s amusing and fun, with a very real aspect that (I hope) will appeal to you all.

I came up with this idea when I was searching through the backlog of Facebook posts. “Why don’t I collect all my improvised poetry from social media, and present them as a complete work?” I asked myself. It’s original, it’s relevant: Social media is such a big part of our lives now, why not chronicle my poetic rambling together, as an abstract snapshot of my life?

The poems included here are bits and pieces of thought and emotion from the last few years. It’s been a riotous few years, both personally and throughout the world, and there has been a lot that has touched my heart and piqued my interest.
I wrote the poem ‘Little Heart’ a few months ago, in response to ISIL’s big push of the Syrians becoming such a widespread concern. All the strife and fear and pain have gotten very heavy, and writing that poem really helped me to address the issues and cope, to offer a prayer for those that have been affected.

This poetry volume is quite short; many of my ramblings got lost in the chaos of cyberspace. But what’s here is real, thoughtful and very dear to me.

I will be announcing the official release in February, when it becomes available through all major distributors, but it is available now through