A Short Farewell

Ok, when was it that ‘Goodbyes’ became such a long, drawn out process? I mean, you’re on the phone- or the internet, or in person, whatever- and its time to go, so you say (go figure), “Ok, well, I have to go. Bye!” and you’d think it would follow that the responder(respondent?) would say, “alright, bye!” and that would be that. Right? Noooope, instead you have at least a paragraphs worth of dialogue, all trying to fit into about a 2 minute interval, each of you trying to squeeze in those last best wishes that are so habitual to us. The result is something to the tune of:


Well-wisher#1: Ok, well I hope that helps-

well-wisher#2: Ohh yes, you’ve been a total angel! thank you soo much for everything-

W.W.#1: Oh, you’re welcome, not at al-

W.W.#2: ok, well thanks again, you-

together: have a good day!

(awkward giggle)

W.W.#2: Alright then, bye!

W.W#1: Ok, good- (line goes dead) umm… goodbye?


See what I mean? each is trying soo hard to be inoffensive and kind that they end up talking over each other, trying to make sure they get the last farewell in. If one was into psycho-analysis (yes, I’m afraid I am that nerdy), one could use this to fuel arguments about human nature. We’re endlessly goodhearted (hmmm), we have separation issues, we’re systematically and compulsively competitive, we’re threatened by the finality of a goodbye… yeah, something like that.

Personally, I think we’re all just so socially awkward that we overcompensate by throwing as many words out there as possible, hoping a few will hit the right tone. That, or literacy and articulation has fallen so far, we can’t say what we really mean anymore. *shrug* but that’s just a theory.


Just some thoughts from the Bat-cave. ;-)