The Coffee Shop

I kind of love how the coffee shop has become the modern day marketplace and center of commerce.

I came to a coffee shop today; I needed some time out of the house, and a dedicated time/space to work. I am very amused by the array of individuals and groups that stop in and hang out in this caffeine kingdom.

You have- obviously- people like me, who are using the space as a sort of public office: a place to work and be accessible, as well as create a dedicated mindset of, “Okay, I’m away from home now. I don’t need to worry about laundry or dishes. I just need to focus on work.” The space works really well, because you have the hustle and bustle that many people need in order to simulate a “real job,” as well as the comfortable flexibility that most of us cherish about the work-from-home option.

You also have those who use the space as a place of meeting. They conduct interviews, staff meetings and assorted other official aspects of what is often a cyber business, that has no dedicated meeting room.

The amusing quirk of the day is how these official capacities do not subvert the social aspects of the space. I don’t know about you, but I have a wall in my head of “This is business/this is play” and only occasionally do these two converge. Not to mention: In the corporate world, social interaction can be terribly confined by Human resource protocols and company by-laws that prohibit many communal tendencies that we instinctually act upon.

SO, I really have to giggle while I sit here, and before me I see: A prospective entrepreneur selling his pitch to a new contact in his network, a young girl being interviewed by media about a website she created that has gained influence, a handful of other freelancers working in their quiet little corners, all interspersed with the couple on their second date, the couple in their mushy gushy “honeymoon” phase, and the old man who just wanted to get out and be in the midst of life instead of in front of the TV at home.

You have everyone: From Hipsters to Veterans, valley girls and jocks to nerds, geeks and English majors. Conservative to radical in appearance and thought. It’s a rather weird and beautiful kaleidoscope to be a part of.

At any rate, this is my musing for today. Time to get back to the Bat Cave.