What Writing Is To Me

There are these little moments, When I’m sitting in the midst of life, and I see it all so clearly.

It’s that point of clarity, that little space of contentment, where everything is at it should be. I wish I could write that moment. I wish I could draw it for you all, so that you could see, and know, and understand.

I wish I could show you the perfection in each of you; The perfection in us all together, as one family. How I wish I could capture it in some way.

Then you would see why I’m an optimist. You would know why I continue to love and hold on, even when the world says to do otherwise.

God, How I wish you could see…

This is what I strive to capture every day, every time I put pen to paper- or fingers to keys. This is what I want to pass forward and add to the universe.