Oh, For a Muse of Fire…

I am having the damnedest time keeping up on my commitment this week! I’ve missed blogging at least half the days. I mean honestly! I am putting in more this week then usual though, so I suppose that’s something?

The problem, you see. is that I haven’t necessarily had anything to say. As much as I catch flack for being a Prima Dona about writing, I cannot write something if it isn’t in my head. I mean sure; I can screw around and put words on a page, but they aren’t really going to say anything. It isn’t like I just sit down and “Bam!” create a story/blog into being. It takes planning, it takes inspiration, it takes having something to say.

Yes, willpower and discipline are important if you are writing for a career. But I also want to write something worth reading. If I just wanted to write senseless drivel, write memos for the rest of my life.

At any rate, that’s all I have for you today. I am putting the effort in. I think on this every day- you wouldn’t believe all the half written posts I’ve come up with in my head… But I endeavor to give you my honest best, which is all anyone can expect.

Greuss Gott!