Little Moments

Life doesn't stand still.  It's always changing, always moving on. Every moment is a different place, and nothing you do prolongs it.
To cling to the past is like trying to force a puzzle piece where it doesn't belong; it doesn't work.

So you do your best where you are. You love the people you're with, and you remember as best you can how good and perfect that moment was.
And then you move on.
You open yourself to the new moment,  the new experience, and work from that instance to create the best space in time possible.

This doesn't mean you love less, you give less. Your thoughts and feelings are as strong and real as they ever were.
It just means you let them grow beyond what they were, beyond the moment. It means you don't let that moment define you, cheapen you.

You are more than a moment.
And letting yourself realize that is a rare form of bravery