Teenage Vampire Zombie Ninjas

Trying to write with four kiddos climbing over me, throwing things and yelling at- well, the universe- is very difficult (go figure).

I try and work around their schedule and in between dousing fires (figuratively thank god!), but being non-schedule oriented I end up having a complete meltdown and sending myself to my room. *wahahaha!*
I lack the capability to work while doing other things; somehow playing "Princess Ninja Skylander Lego World" while writing an emotionally heart wrenching scene doesn't work.
I'd love to get out of the house and write but let's face it: I'm the Nanny of four kids. When am I actually going to have time and energy to get out of the house?

So problem solving!

The last few times I've sat down to work I've set myself a literal timer, and it's amazing how much difference it's made!

Just 1-1.5 hours that I tell myself not to look at Facebook, talk to the kids or fall asleep, and I get really great quality work done!
Just today I finished one whole scene and started another!
I reach the end of the day without gnashing my terrible teeth at anyone, while still doing enough work to not feel like a failure! So I count this as a win.

Anyways a bit scrambled today, but wanted to share this little victory.