Open Your Minds!

Taking a break from the literary struggle that is my career to talk about something very close to my heart: Education!

Point of fact darlings: I am a nerd. I am a learn-a-holic. I LOVE to find out new things on practically any subject in the world.

When I was unable to finish college ($$Cha-Ching$$) I was very frustrated and a little heartbroken, because I loved being in the classes (The administrative B.S. was too much, but that’s another subject). Even when I had self important professors who didn’t like being challenged, I was still able to stretch my mind and learn new things. I thrived on the environment.

But in retrospect, going to college was a major waste of money and debt. I don’t regret going in the least, but the ONLY reason I went was because I wanted to learn. I had no specific degree in mind, I didn’t need one for my chosen career. I just wanted to take classes, which I could have done by myself, for exponentially less capital.

I am not discouraging people from college, per se. I am the biggest supporter of people seeking a higher education and learning new things. I’m just saying the colleges and universities are not the only places you can get educated.

I read this blog earlier today. It more concretely shows what I’m raving about.