The Struggle Remains


This, ladies and gentlemen is the sound of my brain (Don’t ask why it’s grieving in Spanish. I’m sure it has it’s reasons). I think that writer’s block is the cruelest joke God has ever played. Seriously! How am I supposed to work with this??

Sigh… I’ve been trying for the last seven days to make some forward progress, but my dear characters have refused.Seven days of feeling like a failure because, “This is my job, my career! I should be able to wrestle this story out and make it sit on the page like a good little… inanimate object.”

But alas, the struggle remains. I could blame it on the crazy, distracting and messy life and my hyper analytical brain but really, why taint myself? My lack of productivity is simply what it is: LAME.

But I digress. Working on concept art for The Return of Masonry, which reminded me of some I have drawn for The Rooftops of London. I should dig them out and share them soon I think. I’ll keep you posted.