How to be a GIRL

Ok kids, someone REALLY needs to set the record straight.
There are too many false ideas of what it means to be feminine, what it means to be “girly”.
There are so many standards that people hold women to, so many concepts of what a woman is that women from 10-90 years old all feel inadequate, like traitors to their gender. They feel this way either because they are “frou-frou” girls told they need to be feminists, or because they're tomboys who feel they can’t be feminine without wearing dresses. I’m telling you: it has to STOP.
So, in an effort to empower the world to embrace TRUE womanhood, let’s settle some issues.
You do not need to shave your legs in order to be feminine. You do not have to wear your hair long or in pigtails, polish your nails, wear makeup, get manicures, etc. These things are not what make a woman. these things are personal habits, that everyone (male AND female) choose to do or not as they prefer.
2. Being a woman is NOT ABOUT HOW YOU DRESS.
Wearing a bra does not make you a woman. Wearing a dress and heeled shoes do not make you a woman. Wearing only jeans and T-shirts does not make you a man. Again: It is a matter of preference.
Preferences, understand? Being a social norm does not make it any less a preference.
Now here are some things that I think being a woman IS about:
Yes, some of you hate this one. But the fact remains that most species on the planet are split into two parts: Male and Female. Humans happen to be one of those species. It has to do with how the body is constructed, what parts it has. The half that has a womb and/or lay eggs is called female.
(Disclaimer: having a child does not “make” you a woman either. The ability to do so does.)
2. Women share beauty.
Sounds hokey, right? Bear with me:
Every woman I know finds a way to share beauty with the world. Some of us do it through ourselves: We dress up our own bodies in various ways to show off our personal beauty, and (hopefully) we encourage others to do the same.
Some women share beauty through their works: creating art, cooking a meal, building a house, or working in communities to make life better. Or hell, how about the women that build and run machinery? those are some amazing and complex creations, that take a lot of skill just to operate.
Each one is sharing something unique with the world. Something no one else can. And that, my friends, IS Beauty.
So quite comparing yourselves to the latest “What’s hot” list. Those things change every day. Be your own beauty, and let yourself enjoy it.