Nerd Alert! Video Game Review

Just finished Fable III and O.M.G.: I was a little disappointed.

The graphics were a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed that the female hero didn’t end up looking like a She-man (it’s the little things, understand). Gameplay was… ok. There were a few things I didn’t care for, but it was a bit ‘cleaner’ than the last two.

I kinda enjoyed the economics/diplomacy side of it, which may be unlike most players. The morality struggle was a bit heavy-handed, but that’s completely standard for the Fable universe. It’s part of what makes it amusing. But no, I enjoyed the follow through there.

However, I play games for the story more than anything else. (Go figure, right?) This story didn’t flow the as well as previous games. It wasn’t quite as flushed out.

The first game started out as a sort of hokey satire where you’re a snot-nosed little kid, and suddenly you’re thrust into a world of pain and danger and big choices.

The second follows that pattern: You’re an urchin dreaming of better, and suddenly you’re alone, making your way as best you can and avenging the deep hurt in your heart and the injustice that’s been served.

This one… Didn’t build up the Hero’s motive quite as well. The introduction was spot on; following the chicken as it struggles for freedom, blah blah, etc. But when you start gameplay and begin developing your character it moves too fast from the blissful naivety to leading a revolution. You’re introduced as someone with privilege but kept away from responsibility, then of a sudden you decide to lead not only a rebellion out of spite, but a world changing revolution? It’s… possible, but you need a bit more personal development in order to make the jump.

It’s a decent game, but the Fable II is still my favorite so far.