National Novel Writing Month!

Another blustery November coming up and Guess WHAT time it is?

I’m really excited to write a novel again for NaNoWriMo. I have a handful of plots to choose from; I’m weighing three in specific, and I hope to make up my mind in the next week!

I’m also a bit trepidatious, as I’m trying to finish up my last one. I’m currently editing my manuscript (The Rooftops Of London), and I have it away to some beta readers for feedback. This process is a bit more trying than I anticipated; It’s difficult to switch gears from creating to altering in my head.

I’m sitting on pins and needles, waiting to hear what my gals have to say about it. I know it needs a lot of work before it’s ready, but I’m determined to make my New Years publishing goal.

Nevertheless, I am determined to write a new novel again this coming month. I suppose binge writing really isn’t the best way, but it’s helping me get through the 8+ plots I have floating around in my head! Next step is getting smoother at the revision and publishing steps…