Like, what should I wear today?

     You know how every decade is known for a specific style? the 50s have the poodle skirts and bowling shoes, the 70s own the bell bottoms and shaggy hair, the 80s claim the Mohawks and the studded leather, etc, etc…

Walking through the mall today, I noticed that this current decade doesn’t have just one thing that stands out.

I took a walk through the mall today, and every ten feet was a different style, a different trend. This store was selling the early 90s; box-shouldered jackets, short skirts and fedoras, boots…

The next store was a tribute to the 1940s: We had amazing little leather shoes with laces, classic blouses, pencil skirts and some of the best formalwear you’ll ever see (The 30s was better still, but lets not get carried away).

Even in one store, you had a wide assortment of style, from 60s geometric patterns to Victorian-esque corseting and “marching band” lapels.

I’m telling you: There is no fad for the 20-teens. Our fad is NO fad. I’m very trepidatious about this, but I suppose it’s a good thing? I mean, we’re more in a place to appreciate everything I suppose.

At the same time, it feels like a vacuum of power; no one clique is on top. No one is an outcast for wearing the wrong shoes, because EVERYONE is wearing the wrong shoes! We are living in “10 Things I Hate About You”, where you have the wannabe Rastas and Bohemians sitting at the table next to the Rodeo kings.

I don’t know folks… This could be an interesting season. Winking smile